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We supply Klabin's corrugated board packages to all business segments, according to customer specifications, and meet the highest quality requirements. Among other features, our corrugated board packages are resistant to various storage and transport conditions, such as humid and low temperature environments, ensuring the integrity of the merchandise until its final destination. 

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For each market segment, Klabin offers the best solutions.  

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Klabin innovates with you.

A special line, a perfect match for your project

We offer solutions in customized packaging to meet the needs of each and every customer, produced to order to bring innovative ideas to life.


Your product in its best.

Greater spotlight at the point of sale

Ideal to provide better visibility to your products in stores, supermarkets and other points of sale. Offers good quality print to enhance your brand.


Solution to protect your brand.

Strength and durability to protect your brand

It provides highly resistant and secure packaging for electronics, motors, pumps, preforms, hazardous products and anything else that requires full protection.


Your product’s quality protected.

Right temperature to ensure your product’s quality.

Proteins, ice cream and dairy are some of the products in the cold chain that these packages can store, both in the storage and transport processes.


Your product’s characteristics preserved.

Preserves your products for the consumer.

Recommended for direct contact with food, such as fruit, greens, vegetables and take-out food in general, they protect and ensure the integrity of these products in environments with controlled temperature and moisture.


Perfect solution for your brand.

The perfect solution for your brand

Featuring a unique design, these differentiated and customized packagings add value to your products and highlight the quality of your brand.


Klabin’s solution that comes to you.

A convenient and quick alternative to meet your needs

Recommended for automated production processes, they are suitable for food, beverages and many other high-yield items, such as personal care and cleaning items.

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For questions about our products and requests for quotations, please contact our sales team. Send a message