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The Maintenance Shutdown is compulsory for companies working with pressure vessel machinery, such as boilers and digesters, under Regulatory Standard NR13. Performing Maintenance Shutdown every year is a legal obligation that guarantees the integrity and safety of the operations and people who work at Klabin, as well as of the communities where the company is present.

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Maintenance Shutdown

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Lifting cargo

Cargo must be lifted by skilled and/or qualified people and with compulsory AST (Occupational Safety Analysis) and PT (Work Permit). It is prohibited to circulate under/above suspended cargo, have direct contact with cargo while it is being lifted and access the isolated and signposted places. The activity must never be done under the influence of alcohol, psychoactive substances or medicines that cause disturbances in the central nervous system.

Hazardous power isolation

Power isolation must be made by authorized and/or qualified personnel and with compulsory AST and PT. Power isolation must be made before any maintenance, operation or repair, and zero energy must be guaranteed. Handle machinery and equipment only if it is shut down and blocked, except when it is a Controlled Activity (AC) identified and approved by the Occupational Safety department.

Machinery and Equipment in Motion

If it is necessary to operate machinery and equipment, make sure that it is shut down and safe to operate. If it is necessary to operate it in motion, assess the risks with your immediate leader and the Safety area. Only start work after approval from Klabin and with the controls already implemented.

Operation of Machinery and Equipment

Only operate with skill and qualification proved through stickers on the badge. If you need to use your cell phone, stop the activity completely before using it.

Confined space

Access to confined spaces must always be authorized and people must be duly qualified and identified to perform this work.

Working at Height

Use the safety belt with the safety strap properly connected to safety structures and, at least, at shoulder level when working above two meters.

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Do you have any doubt or suggestion about Shutdowns? Call us on the following channels.

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Maintenance Shutdown at Otacílio Costa Otacílio Costa - 0800 721 0228
Maintenance Shutdown at Monte Alegre - 0800 728 0607
Maintenance Shutdown at Puma - 0800 728 0607​​​​​​
Maintenance Shutdown at Correia Pinto - 0800 721 0228

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  • Unidade Otacílio Costa:

  • De 15 a 25 de janeiro de 2024

  • Unidade Goiana Reciclados:

  • De 6 a 10 de maio de 2024

  • Unidade Puma:

  • De 22 de julho a 2 de agosto de 2024

  • Unidade Correia Pinto:

  • De 27 de agosto a 6 de setembro de 2024

  • Unidade Monte Alegre:

  • De 7 a 17 de outubro de 2024


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