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Klabin is the global benchmark in sustainable development. Our forestry and industrial activities are based on the concept to preserve biodiversity and the balance of ecosystems in the regions where we operate. The Klabin Sustainability Policy integrates the entire production chain to go-to-market with products from renewable resources  that also respect the environment. 

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We operate in different markets guided by our sustainability principles.  At Klabin, they guide all our activities and are reflected in the quality of our products and services.  Learn more about our policy: 

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BTo seek actively the transition to a low-carbon economy, applying and stimulating the directing of investments and financial instruments that incorporate values and performance linked to Sustainability, guaranteeing transparency and reliability of the data on the basis of which decisions are made, assuring alignment with the science and recognized parameters and, whenever pertinent, promoting the verification of data consistency by a third party..


To innovate and adapt the business model to be increasingly more responsible in the revision and definition of the strategic portfolio of products and processes, directing it towards positive solutions for nature.


To map, measure and give transparency to the impact of the social and environmental externalities generated by the Company’s businesses with respect to their location and the relationship with stakeholders.


To assure execution of the Klabin Agenda in relation to its horizon and targets based on priority themes so that the Company’s operations and growth strategy are orientated towards economic development, environmental sustainability, and social justice in the light of the impacts and externalities of the businesses.


Preserve the tone and affirmations used in the approach of marketing and communication of Sustainability, ensuring that the messages are correct, precise, and based exclusively on the performance and practices maintained by the Company.


Promote a culture of dissemination of ethics and develop the best practices of corporate governance.


To respect and promote human rights in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and other national and international commitments that include guidelines on the theme, pertinent to the operations of Klabin and the areas in which they are located.


Seek to apply the most efficient and current technologies and engineering solutions in the implementation of new projects and ventures, ensuring the protection of human health, natural resources, and the environment.


Potentialize circularity seeking to develop partnerships for new business models and eco-efficient products and processes, which maximize the reduction, reuse, and recycling of products of the chain and subproducts of the industrial process.


Promote cooperation with customers, suppliers, academia, organized civil society and other stakeholders in the search for innovation in products and processes, and through improvements with a view to Sustainability for the value chain.


Seek competitive quality for the sustained improvement of its results, researching, developing, and continuously upgrading existing and new processes, products, and services in order to meet the expectations of the customers, employees, shareholders, the community, suppliers, and other stakeholders.


Guarantee the valorization of the forestry assets from their transformation into sustainable and competitive products and ensuring the supply of planted wood for its industrial units in a sustainable way without harming the associated natural ecosystems in both proprietary operations and developed producers.


Ensure that the Company’s operations constantly seek to reduce emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHG), considering the environmental impact on its operations and investment projects so that they are compatible with the long-term objectives adopted by Klabin.


Promote the conservation of the biodiversity through the development of practices that guarantee the increased balance of the ecosystem, encouraging research and partnerships with academia and operating with the commitment of utilizing recognized techniques of forest husbandry, which incorporate the conserving of characteristics and avoiding operating in preservation areas of the natural heritage and/or those with species relevant to the national and global biodiversity.


Practice the responsible management of water resources, especially in areas of hydric stress, to ensure the availability of water in quality and quantity necessary for supplying the locations in which it operates.


Avoid and prevent pollution by reducing environmental impacts relating to wastewater, solid waste, and atmospheric emissions, always considering these elements in the maintenance and improvement of productive processes, development, and the improvement of products in forestry operations and logistics’, and in the monitoring of the economic and socio-environmental aspects of critical suppliers.


Identify in advance the negative social impacts caused by our forestry, industrial and logistics’ operations to avoid, preempt and mitigate them. Simultaneously, maximize the positive impacts of our operations through social programs and actions in partnership with public, private institutions and civil society, promoting engagement and frequent, proactive, and transparent contact with stakeholders.


Comply with the legislation and the national rules (and international ones when applicable) with respect to product safety and quality, the environment, and occupational health and safety. Promote the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of the direct and indirect employees through continuous improvement in labor, health, and safety conditions with the commitment to consult and promote their active participation in the drive for the prevention and mitigation of risks and the personal and professional development of each individual.


Practice social responsibility with a focus on the communities where Klabin operates according to the private social investment platform and its lines of activity: local development (directed towards planning capacities and participative public management directed to sustainable development), education, environment, and culture.

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