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Klabin is the global benchmark in sustainable development. Our forestry and industrial activities are based on the concept to preserve biodiversity and the balance of ecosystems in the regions where we operate. The Klabin Sustainability Policy integrates the entire production chain to go-to-market with products from renewable resources  that also respect the environment. 

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We operate in different markets guided by our sustainability principles.  At Klabin, they guide all our activities and are reflected in the quality of our products and services.  Learn more about our policy: 

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Seek competitive quality, aiming at the sustained improvement of its results. Research, development and continuous improvement of processes, products and services - existing or new - to meet the expectations of customers, employees, shareholders, community and suppliers and other stakeholders.


Promote collaboration with customers, suppliers, academia and other stakeholders in the search for innovation for products and processes and for improvements in the value chain.


Ensuring the valorization of the forest base from its transformation into sustainable and competitive products.


Ensure in a sustainable way the supply of planted wood to its industrial units, without harming the associated ecosystems in its own operations and in those promoted.


Practice and promote the recycling of cellulosic fibers in its production chain.


Avoid and prevent pollution by reducing environmental impacts related to water effluents, solid waste and atmospheric emissions. Always consider these elements in the maintenance and improvement of production processes, in the development and improvement of products, in forestry and logistics operations, and in the monitoring of critical suppliers in terms of economic and socio-environmental aspects.


Seek to apply the most efficient technologies and engineering solutions in the implementation of new projects and ventures, ensuring the protection of human health, natural resources and the environment.


Promote the personal and professional growth of its employees and the pursuit of continuous improvement in working conditions, health and safety.


Promoting a culture of disseminating ethics and developing best corporate governance practices.


Observe the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and guide its actions and investment to strengthen this agenda, acting proactively in favor of positive socio-environmental development in the places where it operates.


Practice social responsibility with a focus on the communities where it operates in accordance with the private social investment platform, based on the lines of action: local development and education.


Comply with the legislation and standards applicable to the product, environment, health and safety.


Ensure that company’s operations constantly try to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, considering the environmental impacts on its operations and investment projects so that these are compatible with the long-term goals of Klabin. 


Promote the conservation of biodiversity by implementing practices that ensure greater balance of the ecosystem, encouraging research and partnerships with the academic community and operating under the commitment to use recognized forest management techniques, which include preserving the attributes and avoiding operations in natural heritage preservation areas and/or regions that shelter important species for national and global biodiversity. 


Manage water resources responsibly, especially in water stress areas, to ensure water availability in the necessary quality and quantity to supply the territories where it operates. 


Avoid and prevent pollution by reducing environmental impacts related to wastewater, solid waste and air emissions, always taking into consideration these two elements in the maintenance and improvement of production processes, development and improvement of products, forestry and logistics operations, monitoring of critical suppliers due to economic, social and environmental aspects. 


Identify in advance the negative social impacts of our forest, industrial and logistics operations to avoid, prevent and mitigate them. At the same time, boost the positive impacts of our operations through social programs and initiatives in partnership with public, private and civil society institutions, promoting proactive, transparent and frequent engagement and contact with stakeholders. 


Comply with Brazilian and (international, when applicable) laws and standards on product safety and quality, environment, health and occupational safety. Encourage the physical, mental and social well-being of direct and indirect employees through continuous improvement in the working, health and safety conditions, and with the commitment to consult and promote their active participation in the pursuit of preventing and mitigating risks and the personal and professional growth.  


Practice social responsibility with the focus on communities where it operates in accordance with the private social investment platform and its lines of action: grassroots development (driving the planning capabilities and participative public management towards the goal of sustainable development), education, environment and culture. 

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