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Leader in the packaging market

Klabin is the largest packaging paper producer and exporter in Brazil and the leader in the corrugated paper and industrial sacks market and the only company in the country to offer market solutions in hardwood, softwood, and fluff pulp.

Over 120 years of history

Our history began more than 120 years ago and we currently have 23 mills, 22 in Brazil and one in Argentina.

Presence in the Dow Jones Index

Klabin is the only Brazilian manufacturing company selected to comprise the World portfolio of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), in addition to the Emerging Markets portfolio, which references the world's leading companies in economic performance, governance practices and social and environmental performance.

Largest paper recycler in Brazil​

Klabin holds 11% of the country's recycling market, which makes it the largest paper recycler in Brazil. We are also the largest buyer of cardboard scrap on the market, which further fosters the recycling chain and the circular economy.​

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Our Figures

Numeros Klabin

23 factories, 22 in Brazil and one in  Argentina
84 trees planted per minute
More than 25,000 direct and indirect employees
549,000 hectares of forests

(almost 3 times the size of São Paulo, brazil's largest city)

More than 42% of the forest area composed of preserved native forests
100% of its own FSC-certified forests®
Two Private Reserves of Natural Heritage

(RPPNs) Fazenda Monte Alegre (PR) and Serra da Farofa (SC)

flor borboleta
851 species of fauna and 1,920 species of flora

identified in our forest areas, with dozens of being threatened with extinction

+ 89% of our energy matrix are from renewable and clean sources
2.6 million tonnes produced of paper per year
1.6 million tons produced from market pulp per year
Production of 415 thousand tons/year of recycled paper, being the largest paper recycler in Brazil.

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Throughout Klabin history, our leadership in sustainability is still alive and has become increasingly stronger. Today we are included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) in portfolios that highlight world leading companies in terms of governance practices, and economic, social and environmental performance. We were also the only Brazilian company invited to join the group of leaders at COP26, the United Nations conference on climate change, to help expedite the private sector commitment to actions that reduce carbon emissions and achieve targets based on climate science. These are some of the recognitions that attest to our sustainable performance and our commitment to building a renewable future.
Cristiano Teixeira

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