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Innovation is part of our DNA and can be found in of Klabin’s fields of activities,  as an important driver for the evolution of our business.  


Our team of scientists and researchers are dedicated to studying all the science behind our solutions and improving our production chain. They work in two departments located in Telêmaco Borba, Paraná. One is our Technology Center, whose mission is to improve the quality of products, staying ahead of trends and creating new technologies and sustainable applications. The other is the Forestry Research Center, that studies the universe around the forest chain, such as genetic improvement, wood quality, soil and climate studies, genetic adaptation, pest control and biotechnology, among others.  

Centro de Tecnologia Klabin Centro de Tecnologia Klabin
Our researchers work seeking solutions to increase our productivity and, at the same time, minimize environmental impacts, ensuring sustainable management combined with greater operational efficiency.

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Visa o incremento da produtividade das plantações e a melhoria na qualidade da matéria-prima e de propriedades da madeira, como densidade e teor das fibras. Nesta frente, agregamos o conhecimento relacionado ao solo e clima, impactos das variações climáticas, uso de água, estudo de pragas e doenças que possam afetar as plantações e outros aspectos capazes de impactar o negócio florestal.

It aims to increase plantation yields and improve raw materials quality and wood properties, such as density and fiber content. Here we collect knowledge related to soil and climate, impacts of climate variability, water usage, study of pests and diseases that may affect plantations, and other aspects capable of impacting the forestry business.

Tiene como objetivo incrementar la productividad de las plantaciones, además de mejorar la calidad de la materia prima y las propiedades de la madera, como la densidad y el contenido de fibras. En este frente, agregamos los conocimientos relacionados con el suelo y el clima, los impactos de las variaciones climáticas, el uso del agua, el estudio de las plagas y enfermedades que pueden afectar las plantaciones y otros aspectos capaces de impactar el negocio forestal.

Tem por objetivo a melhoria contínua das celuloses de fibra curta (feita a partir do eucalipto) e de fibra longa (feita a partir do pínus) e da celulose fluff.

Its goal is the continuous improvement of hardwood pulp (made from eucalyptus) and softwood pulp (made from pine), and fluff pulp.

Tiene como objetivo la mejora continua de las celulosas de fibra corta (elaboradas a partir del eucalipto) y de fibra larga (elaboradas a partir del pino) y la celulosa fluff.

O objetivo principal é o aumento de qualidade para as linhas de papéis-cartão, sack kraft e kraftliner, com o desenvolvimento de propriedades que contribuam no processo de redução de gramatura desses papéis, melhoria na qualidade de impressão e desenvolvimento de aplicações que confiram barreiras à água, ar, vapores e óleos, por exemplo.

The main goal is to increase the quality of the paperboard, sack kraft and kraftliner lines, developing properties that contribute to the process of reducing the weight of these papers, improving print quality, and developing applications that provide barriers to water, air, vapors, and oils, for example.

El principal objetivo es aumentar la calidad para las líneas de papelcartón, sack kraft y kraft liner, con el desarrollo de propiedades que contribuyan al proceso de reducción del gramaje de estos papeles, la mejora de la calidad de impresión y el desarrollo de aplicaciones que proporcionen barreras contra agua, aire, vapores y aceites, por ejemplo.

Pesquisa de novas tecnologias ligadas à base florestal, como o uso múltiplo dos componentes da madeira (celulose, hemiceluloses, lignina ou extrativos), com o objetivo de desenvolver novas possibilidades de produtos e mercados a médio prazo (5 a 10 anos). A Klabin tem investido tanto na linha de biorrefinaria (biocombustíveis) como no desenvolvimento de produtos com base em lignina e nas hemiceluloses da madeira, além da aplicação das próprias fibras de celulose nas suas funções micro e nano – celulose microfibrilada e celulose nanofibrilada.

Research into new forest-based technologies, such as the multiple use of wood components (pulp, hemicellulose, lignin, or extractives), aiming at developing new possibilities for products and markets in the medium term (5 to 10 years). Klabin has invested both in biorefinery (biofuels) and in developing products based on wood lignin and hemicelluloses, in addition to applying the pulp fibers themselves in their micro and nano functions – microfibrillated cellulose and nanofibrillated cellulose.

Investigación de nuevas tecnologías vinculadas a la base forestal, como el uso múltiple de los componentes de la madera (celulosa, hemicelulosas, lignina o extractivos), con el objetivo de desarrollar nuevas posibilidades de productos y mercados a medio plazo (5 a 10 años). Klabin ha invertido tanto en la línea de biorrefinería (biocombustibles) como en el desarrollo de productos a base de lignina y hemicelulosas de madera, además de la aplicación de las mismas fibras de celulosa en sus funciones micro y nano - celulosa microfibrilada y celulosa nanofibrilada.

Linha de pesquisa voltada às questões ambientais, desde mudanças climáticas até a redução do uso de insumos no processo, como energia, água, vapor e produtos químicos. O objetivo é minimizar os impactos ambientais das nossas operações.

Line of research focused on environmental issues, from climate change to reducing the use of inputs in the process, such as energy, water, steam, and chemical products. The goal is to minimize the environmental impacts of our operations.

Línea de investigación enfocada en temas ambientales, desde el cambio climático hasta la reducción del uso de insumos en el proceso, como energía, agua, vapor y productos químicos. El objetivo es minimizar los impactos ambientales de nuestras operaciones.

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Our Research and Development + Innovation (R&D+I) area works to improve practices and processes to ensure the development of differentiated and innovative products that are more competitive, biodegradable and reduce operating costs.

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When we reached a level of development maturity, the demand for producing certain materials on a larger scale and conducting extended industrial tests became necessary, and that is when we started to design and build our Pilot Plant Park. Located at the Monte Alegre Unit, in Telêmaco Borba (PR), the Park enables simulating a production unit in which studies and tests are carried out on several research fronts, such as the case of microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) and lignin, which enhance our portfolio and opportunities to operate in new markets seeking renewable and sustainable products.  

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Alcohol gel

Part of Klabin Technology Center's research routes are directed to the various uses of wood. After extensive studies we developed an alternative to produce alcohol gel using microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) at our Pilot Plant Park. The Park is designed to produce, on a small industrial scale, both MFC and lignin, substances extracted from wood. We see an enormous potential for extracting new products from our main raw material, trees from planted forests, and using this nanocellulose to produce alcohol gel reiterates the countless possibilities for renewable sources that lie ahead.


As part of the production possibilities at our Pilot Plant Park, we installed a plant with Lignoboost technology, which has a production capacity of up to 1 ton of lignin per day. As a result, we are increasing our presence in other markets, diversifying our business, offering alternatives that value the efficient and responsible use of forest resources. We are also focusing on developing sustainable technologies and applications. 

        Lignin is extracted from the black liquor used in the wood cooking processes and produced on a large scale in the pulp units, can be used as a resin, applied on linerboards, plywood, and abrasives; on plastics, increasing the percentage of renewable raw material, and as carbon fibers, replacing the use of fossil-based materials.


Eliminating the disposal of industrial waste in landfills is one of the KODS (Klabin's Sustainable Development Goals) goals. Also, in 2015 we made a commitment to the smart use of our forest’s full potential. From there we developed our bio-oil, a renewable alternative to fossil fuels made from part of our residues from the forestry process. Today, we are a world reference in these tests, which already show excellent performance, in addition to being a cheaper and much more sustainable alternative. With the evolution of research, in a few years we will be self-sufficient in the production of this green fuel.