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Politica de privacidade

User privacy is very important to KLABIN S.A. (“KLABIN”). Therefore, we have developed a Privacy Policy that sets forth the way we collect, use, disclose (share), transfer and store User information.

Please check the content of this Policy carefully and contact us through the FALE CONOSCO channel in case you have any questions.

The User agrees, freely, expressly, and informedly consents, that their data and information be collected, stored, processed, and shared, according to the rules set forth in this Privacy Policy.


Klabin will collect Personal Data actively entered or forwarded by the User when accessing the website and requesting a business contact, or directly contracting Klabin products and services, through the Klabin website. The information collected during the first access will include Name, e-mail, phone number, company name and Corporate Taxpayers’ Registry Number. Klabin may also receive Personal Data when Users include comments on the website, through the FALE CONOSCO channel.

Some information, including personal information, may also be collected automatically by Klabin, such as IP address, type of browser, identification number of the device used (ID code or IMEI, for example), date and time of access to the Klabin platform, including information from visitors.

Non-personal information may also be collected by Klabin, such as clustered data. Information on the User's activities on the Klabin platform, once aggregated, are no longer considered personal data, as they do not allow to identify the subject of data directly or indirectly. This data can be used to help Klabin to provide a better service to Users in general.

If Klabin combines non-personal information with personal information, the combined information will be treated as personal information for as long as it remains combined.


The information is processed by Klabin for the following purposes:

Provide services, products, or contracts, including: budget, negotiation, contract, customer service, among others.

· Enable Users to access and use the features and functionalities of the Klabin website and / or application.

· Comply with legal resolutions or for the Regular Exercise of a Right, such as storing information for judicial defense or respond to legal communication;

· Comply with the Klabin Lawful Interests, always at the limit of user expectation and without violating their fundamental rights, such as website performance analysis, audience measurement, security analysis, user experience improvement, profile identification, and habits necessary for the Klabin strategy.

· Send important notices and notifications for Communication purposes, including announcements about Orders, changes to deadlines, conditions, and policies.

· The subject consent should be obtained for indirect marketing purposes.

· The information collected may be used to send advertising and promotional materials, including digital campaigns for direct marketing purposes. The User may, at any time, choose not to receive marketing e-mails through the unsubscribe link provided in the e-mail itself.


Cookies are files or information that can be stored on the User's device when visiting the Klabin website.

Cookies allow Users to be recognized when they return to the website. In addition, they allow for a customized experience that can help to detect certain types of fraud.

The User will be able to manage their cookies preferences, Klabin will request authorization from the User, as soon as their first access to the website, allowing them to choose which cookies Klabin can process.

Required Cookies are essential for the website to load properly and allow correct navigation and all functionalities.

Performance Cookies help us to understand how visitors interact with the Klabin website, providing information about the content viewed, the length of the visit, and any problems encountered.

Functional Cookies allow the Klabin website to record user choices, to provide a customized experience.

Marketing Cookies are used to provide Users with more relevant and useful content. They can be used to deliver targeted advertising.

This allows us to emphasize that accepting cookies deemed necessary is essential for the website to function properly, and not accepting the use of this tool may lead to the direct and immediate destruction of available digital services. Users can opt to not accept the other cookies informed in this Notice.


Personal Data must be shared in order to operationalize products and services offered by Klabin. Personal Data may be shared in some cases, as follows:

Klabin may share User information with service providers or partner companies. The services rendered by the aforementioned companies may be used to facilitate, provide, or carry out activities related to the Klabin website, including, but not limited to, maintenance of services, database management, data analysis and features improvement including marketing, or assistance in assessing how the Klabin platform is used.

Shared with the authorities, government entities or other third parties, for the protection of Klabin interests, in any dispute, including lawsuits, and administrative proceedings or arbitration;

In the case of corporate transactions, such as the restructuring, merger, or sale of Klabin assets, the Economic Group, or part of it, may transfer User data, as long as the terms of this Notice are complied with; or,

By court order or at the request of administrative authorities that have legal competence for its request.

Klabin is committed to adopting guarantees to protect Personal Data when Personal Data is shared.


User Personal Data will be used by authorized and qualified professionals to perform activities inherent to contracts and doing business with Klabin.

The information collected is stored on cloud services that may be located in Brazil or abroad. Whatever the case may be, these services comply with Klabin information security standards.

The information collected is stored for the purposes presented in the Klabin Terms and Conditions of Use and in this Privacy Policy, respecting the data retention period set forth by applicable legislation.

If the User requests their registration to be deleted, the personal information provided to the Klabin website will be permanently deleted whenever the legislation allows, and there is no legal reason for us to keep this information. In some cases, information may be kept, for example, for the purpose of complying with a legal obligation, used to resolve disputes and/or other permitted or legal reasons.

Klabin takes precautions, including administrative, technical, and physical measures, to protect User personal information against loss, theft, misuse, as well as against unauthorized access, disclosure, change, and destruction.


In compliance with the applicable regulations, regarding processing of personal data, Klabin respects and guarantees for Users the possibility of submitting requests based on the following rights:

To confirm the processing exists;

To make data anonymous, to block or delete unnecessary, excessive, or processed data in non-compliance with the law;

To port data to another service or product provider;

To eliminate processed data with the consent of the client and/ or user;

To access data;

To correct incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated data;

To obtain information about the entities with which Klabin shares their Personal Data;

To obtain Information on the possibility of not providing consent and the consequences in case of denial;

To revoke consent.

All requests can be sent to the FALE CONOSCO channel free of charge, and Klabin will take appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality of the requester.


The Klabin website is not for children, adolescents and/or anyone without legal capacity to contract the services offered. Therefore, personal data of children and adolescents are not intentionally processed by Klabin. Any data of this nature, when identified, will be promptly deleted.


The conditions set forth in this Privacy Policy may be changed at any time. If the changes are significant or affect, in a material way, the rights and duties set forth herein, they will be clearly explained in an email sent to the user registered email.

Klabin S.A., registered under Corporate Taxpayers’ Registry No. 89.637.490/0001-45, headquartered at Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 3600 - 3rd, 4th and 5th floors, CEP 04538-

132, Itaim Bibi, São Paulo, SP, as Controller of personal data, will be responsible for ensuring security, respect for the purpose, and transparency with the data of its Customers and Users.

If you have any questions regarding privacy or data protection, please contact our Person in Charge of Processing Personal Data, by email

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