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Klabin is proud to have built - during its over 120 years of history – solid relationships with our clients all over the world. Our strategy of developing renewable, recyclable and biodegradable forest-based solutions for multiple uses, combined with our incessant efforts to find innovative and more sustainable resources to meet the complex challenges faced by our business and that of our clients, has consolidated our position as a global benchmark.

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Integration of business, from forest to shipment of production
Construction of a renewable future
Sustainability policy: We operate in diverse markets guided by our sustainability principles
Diversity and inclusion: We value diversity and believe in inclusion to build a more efficient and innovative environment
Technology and innovation
Social and environmental prosperity in the communities where we operate

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Asset Publisher


An innovative kraftliner paper produced exclusively from eucalyptus fiber. Its benefits include reduction in density, superior printing quality, excellent performance and steam savings in corrugators, resulting in the production of corrugated board packaging with better structure and greater resistance. These characteristics make Eukaliner® the best choice in the corrugated board packaging market.


Recyclable product made from paperboard especially for the cup market. It is produced with a mix of pine and eucalyptus fibers, which ensures greater resistance and superior printing quality. The application of a barrier enables the product to be used for diverse purposes, including direct contact with hot or cold food.

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Customer cases

We present responsible resources to our partners that meet the constant changes in society. Not only providing a wide mix of sustainable products, but also seeking to offer new solutions based on the specific demands of our customers. We are sought after by partners to showcase everything we do and also apply our approach to the future.

Suvinil + Klabin

We developed, in partnership with Suvinil, a different packaging for the line of varnishes, made with corrugated cardboard. Innovative, 100% recyclable and easy to use, it still prevents leaks and product waste. The contents are the same as the gallon and the paper packaging makes it easy to stack.


Together with Votorantim Cimentos, our Sales team, our product development airline and the Klabin technology center research team, have developed a bag for dispersible cement, that is, packaging that goes directly into the concrete mixer, disintegrates and is integrated into the preparation process. Inaddition, the Ekomix paper packaging is biodegradable, prodiced from renewable sources that ensure greater safety, strength, better performance in the system and excelente palletizing.

Papel Antiviral

Package that protects the contents inside and inactivates the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)? Klabin has it! We have teamed up with Bio FioCruz and Faculdade SENAI CETIQT to develop coating with antiviral properties for e-commerce packaging. Tests conducted by Fiocruz showed that the solution inactivated the coronavirus by more than 99% within a minute of contact! The technology is primarily targeted at e-commerce, since packages are handled by several people until they reach the final consumer. The organic and metal-free active ingredient maintains the recyclability of the packaging, significantly reducing waste generation and contributing to the circular economy.


In partnership with  Tibii, we developed the first packaging for feed from Klabin corrugated cardboard made with recyclable and biodegradable raw material. In addition, we also replaced the plastic packaging that was used internally with a paper solution from Klabin, which guarantees a greater barrier against moisture and oxygen, leaving food always fresh and without losing any of its nutritional value.


Mattress in a box? With Klabin it was possible!  In partnership with Zissou, we created this innovative, practical and safe way to ship mattresses all over Brazil. The challenge was a sustainable, resistant packaging that would protect the mattress, be easy to transport and add value to the brand. Today we also pack products such as pillows and pet beds, and we are constantly evolving in this partnership.

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Business contact

For questions about our products and budget requests, please contact our sales team. Send a message