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Klabin is the global benchmark in sustainable development. Our forestry and industrial activities are based on the concept to preserve biodiversity and the balance of ecosystems in the regions where we operate. The Klabin Sustainability Policy integrates the entire production chain to go-to-market with products from renewable resources  that also respect the environment. 

1. POLÍTICA DE SUSTENTABILIDADE - estratégia | bloco de texto


We operate in different markets guided by our sustainability principles.  At Klabin, they guide all our activities and are reflected in the quality of our products and services.  Learn more about our policy: 

Acesse o documento de diretrizes de mudanças climáticas da companhia


Pursue competitive quality, aimed at the sustained improvement of results.  Research, development and continuous improvement of processes, products and services—existing or new—to meet our customer, employee, shareholder, supplier and other stakeholder expectations. 


Promote collaboration with customers, suppliers, academia and other stakeholders pursuing innovation for our products and processes, and for improvements to the value chain.


Ensure the increased valuation of our forests through its transformation into sustainable and competitive products.


Ensure sustainability of the supply of planted wood to the industrial units, without harming the ecosystems connected to our own operations and forestry development partners.


Practice and promote recycling of pulp fibers in the production chain. 


Avoid and prevent pollution by reducing environmental impacts related to water effluents, solid waste and air emissions.  Always consider these elements in the maintenance and improvement of production processes, in product development and improvement, in forestry and logistics operations, and in monitoring critical suppliers due to economic and social and environmental aspects. 


Aim to apply the most efficient engineering technologies and solutions in the implementation of new projects and developments, ensuring the protection of human health, natural resources and the environment.


Promote the personal and professional growth of employees and the pursuit for continuous improvement in working conditions, health and safety.  


Promote a culture of ethics dissemination and develop the best corporate governance practices.  


Comply with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations Organization (UN) and guide company actions and investments to strengthen this agenda, acting in a purposeful way in favor of positive social and environmental development in the locations where the company operates.  


Practice social responsibility centered on the communities where the company operates complying  with the private social investment platform, based on local development and education lines of action. 


Comply with applicable product, environment, health & safety regulations and standards. 


Ensure that company operations constantly pursue the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 


Promover a conservação da biodiversidade, por meio do desenvolvimento de práticas que garantam o aumento do equilíbrio ecossistêmico, incentivando a pesquisa e parcerias com a academia e atuando com o compromisso da utilização de técnicas de manejo florestal reconhecidas, o que compreende conservar atributos e evitar operar em áreas de preservação de patrimônio natural e/ou que contenham espécies relevantes para a biodiversidade nacional e global.


Praticar a gestão responsável de recursos hídricos, em especial nas áreas de estresse hídrico, para assegurar a disponibilidade de água em qualidade e quantidade necessárias para o abastecimento dos territórios onde atua.


Evitar e prevenir a poluição por meio da redução dos impactos ambientais relacionados a efluentes hídricos, resíduos sólidos e emissões atmosféricas, considerando constantemente esses elementos na manutenção e melhoria de processos produtivos, no desenvolvimento e aperfeiçoamento de produtos, em operações florestais e logísticas, e no monitoramento de fornecedores críticos em função de aspectos econômicos e socioambientais.


Identificar antecipadamente os impactos sociais negativos causados por nossas operações florestais, industriais e de logística para evitá-los, preveni-los e mitigá-los. Simultaneamente, potencializar os impactos positivos de nossas operações por meio de programas e ações sociais em parceria com instituições públicas, privadas e da sociedade civil, promovendo o engajamento e contato frequente, proativo e transparente com as partes interessadas.


Atender a legislação e as normas nacionais (e internacionais quando aplicáveis) à segurança e qualidade do produto, meio ambiente, e saúde e segurança ocupacional. Promover o bem-estar físico, mental e social dos colaboradores diretos e indiretos através da melhoria contínua das condições de trabalho, saúde e segurança, com o compromisso de consultar e promover sua participação ativa na busca da prevenção e mitigação de riscos, e do desenvolvimento pessoal e profissional de cada indivíduo.


Praticar a responsabilidade social com foco nas comunidades onde atua de acordo com a plataforma de investimento social privado e suas linhas de atuação: desenvolvimento local (impulsionando as capacidades de planejamento e gestão pública participativa em direção ao desenvolvimento sustentável), educação, meio ambiente e cultura.

COMPROMISSOS - estratégia | bloco de texto

Stay on top of klabin's external voluntary commitments. They reinforce the commitment of our action oriented towards sustainable development.


External voluntary commitments undertaken by Klabin: 

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - A global development agenda comprising 17 goals and 169 targets established by the United Nations for governments, civil society and the private sector.

UN Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP) - To reinforce its commitment to diversity and foster an inclusive workplace, in 2018, Klabin became a signatory to the seven Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs). The United Nations Initiative for Gender Equality (UN Women) works to help companies empower women in their organization, value chain and local communities.

Business Movement for Integrity and Transparency - Created by the Ethos Institute, the movement works to define strategies and priorities for engaging business leaders in the integrity agenda, with a special focus on improving public-private relations and strengthening the prevention of and efforts to combat corruption in Brazil.

FGV Center for Sustainability Studies (FGVces) - With the mission of transforming sustainability challenges into opportunities to create value, we participated in the challenges of the Business Initiatives of the Center for Sustainability Studies of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGVces), which combine the agendas of the Businesses for Climate Platform (EPC) and of the Local Development and Large Businesses Initiative (IDLocal), as well as other agendas. Klabin's participation since 2009 focuses on coordinating actions on climate management with business leaders. Meanwhile, our participation in IDLocal since 2013 focuses on sharing experiences and formulating guidelines for local development.

Brazilian Pact to Eradicate Slave Labor - Brings together Brazilian and multinational companies that have undertaken a commitment not to do business with companies engaged in slave labor practices. In addition to economically restricting employers practicing this crime, the pact works to promote dignified labor and the social integration of workers in vulnerable situations and to combat enticement. Companies that are signatories to the initiative participate in the monitoring of the pact and undertake to make public the results of their efforts to eradicate slave labor.

Business Pact for Integrity and Against Corruption - According to the Ethos Institute, companies that are signatories to the pact undertake to disseminate Brazil's anticorruption legislation to their employees and stakeholders to support its enforcement. They also undertake to prohibit any form of bribery, ensure legal compliance and transparency in contributions to political parties and foster information transparency and collaboration in investigations whenever necessary.

Science Based Targets Initiative - Initiative that establishes methodologies to help companies design goals for reducing emissions that are aligned with climate science and sustainable economic development. Klabin was Latin America’s first pulp and paper producer to have its goals approved by the SBTi.

Business Ambition for 1.5°C – Only Future - In 2019, we joined the UN global campaign Business Ambition for 1.5°C – OUR ONLY FUTURE, through which we undertook to reduce GHG emissions to help keep the increase in the average global temperature below 1.5°C.

TCFD – Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure supporter - The initiative provides recommendations to help markets address the financial impact from climate change and to increase transparency on the risks related to climate and the opportunities for promoting better informed financial decision-making.

Race to Zero - Klabin has been striving to combat climate change for years. With sustainability as a key pillar of its management, the company is aware of the topic's urgency and the importance of mobilizing everyone to ensure the future of our planet. In partnership with the UN Global Compact Network Brazil, Klabin invites companies and society to support the cause for reducing greenhouse gas emissions based on science.

LGBTI+ Companies and Rights Forum - Klabin is a signatory to the LGBTI+ Companies and Rights Forum, which has drafted 10 commitments to ensure respect for and the promotion of LGBTI+ human rights inside companies. The forum has working groups divided by topic (leadership, health, communication and other) that meet periodically to discuss how to advance in each of the commitments.

PACTO GLOBAL DA ONU - Iniciativa da Organização das Nações Unidas (ONU) para engajar empresas e organizações na adoção de 10 princípios universais nas áreas de Direitos Humanos, Trabalho, Meio Ambiente e Medidas Anticorrupção, a fim de que desenvolvam ações de enfrentamento dos desafios da sociedade.

UN GLOBAL COMPACT - Initiative of the United Nations (UN) to engage companies and associations in the adoption of 10 universal principles in the areas of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption Measures, with the aim of developing actions to face society's challenges.

PACTO EMPRESARIAL CONTRA EXPLORAÇÃO SEXUAL DE CRIANÇAS E ADOLESCENTES NAS RODOVIAS BRASILEIRAS - A Klabin é signatária deste Pacto, que visa acabar com a exploração sexual de crianças e adolescentes nas estradas, pela adesão ao Programa Na Mão Certa da Childhood Brasil e Instituto Ethos em 2016. É composto por seis compromissos, que abordam temas de condições de trabalho de caminhoneiro, campanhas de sensibilização, apoio de projetos e monitoramento de práticas.

SUSTAINABILITY ACCOUNTING STANDARDS BOARD (SASB) - O SASB é um conjunto de padrões para ajudar na identificação, gerenciamento e relato dos temas de sustentabilidade da organização, passando por questões ambientais, sociais e de governança que podem impactar seu desempenho financeiro. Seu público principal são as grandes empresas e os investidores. Em 2020, a Klabin passou a relatar os indicadores SASB recomendados para os setores de embalagem, papel e celulose e florestal.

GHG PROTOCOL - A Klabin, desde 2013, faz parte deste programa, que tem como objetivo estimular a cultura corporativa para a elaboração e a publicação de inventários de emissões de Gases de Efeito Estufa (GEE), proporcionando aos participantes acesso a instrumentos e padrões de qualidade internacional. Originalmente desenvolvido nos Estados Unidos, em 1998, pelo World Resources Institute (WRI), o GHG Protocol é uma ferramenta utilizada para entender, quantificar e gerenciar emissões de GEE.

Movimento Mente em Foco. - A iniciativa convida empresas e organizações brasileiras a agir em benefício de seus colaboradores e da sociedade como um todo no combate ao estigma e ao preconceito social ao redor da saúde mental. O Movimento é uma forma de trazer para o centro das decisões das empresas a pauta da saúde mental, estimular a discussão sobre o tema, estabelecer ações concretas e de suporte aos seus colaboradores e criar um ambiente de trabalho saudável. O objetivo é que a saúde mental seja tratada não apenas como uma medida emergencial, mas sim como um tema perene e que faça parte da estratégia de negócio das companhias - um avanço no ODS 3 (Saúde e Bem-Estar).

4. DOCUMENTOS E CERTIFICAÇÕES - sustentabilidade - estratégia | bloco de texto

To attest to the credibility of our products, ensure quality and to reiterate our commitment to continuous improvement, we have processes certified by various systems and methodologies widely recognized by the global market. Our certifications confirm the Klabin pioneer spirit in the pursuit of meeting customer needs and anticipating market trends. Here you will find licenses and other documents that guarantee our commitment to sustainability in all company industrial processes. 


Learn more about the Klabin main certifications and documents:

1. FSCⓇ (FSC-C00941) - Forest Stewardship Council | bloco de texto

-  FSCⓇ (FSC-C001941) - Forest Stewardship CouncilⓇ

Klabin was the first company in the pulp and paper industry in the Southern Hemisphere to certify forestry management in 1998. There are ten principles that ensure correct forestry management, such as the efficient use of multiple forest products and services, well-being of workers and communities, biodiversity preservation, detailed management plan, monitoring and evaluation of social and environmental impacts.  View all Klabin FSC certificationsⓇ (FSC-C00941):  

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FSC - Forestry

Florestal Paraná (FSC - C022516)
Florestal Angatuba (FSC - C007520)
Florestal Santa Catarina (FSC - C023492)

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FSC Paper

Angatuba (SP) (FSC - C018669)
Correia Pinto (SC) (FSC - C006109)
Monte Alegre (PR) (FSC - C019124)
Otacílio Costa (SC) (FSC - C006109) 
Ortigueira - Puma (FSC-C129105)

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FSC -Recycled

Goiana (PE) - (FSC - C001941)
Piracicaba (SP) - (FSC - C001941)

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FSC - Industrial bags

Lages 1 (SC) - (FSC - C017793)

Lages 1 (SC) - (FSC - C017793)

FSC - Packaging

Betim (MG) -  (FSC - C001941)
Feira de Santana (BA) - (FSC - C001941)
Goiana (PE) - (FSC - C001941)
Itajaí (SC) - (FSC - C001941)
Jundiaí Distrito Industrial (SP) - (FSC - C001941)
Jundiaí Tijuco Preto (SP)  - (FSC - C001941)
Manaus (AM)  - (FSC - C001941)
Piracicaba (SP)  - (FSC - C001941)
Horizonte (CE)  - (FSC - C001941)
Rio Negro (PR)  - (FSC - C001941)
São Leopoldo (RS)  - (FSC - C001941)
Manaus II [Klabin da Amazonia] - (FSC - C001941)
Rio Verde - (FSC - C001941)
Suzano - (FSC - C001941)
Paulínia - (FSC - C001941)

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FSC - Traders

Klabin Áustria - (FSC - C132999)

Klabin Áustria - Self Declaration FSC

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Declaração referente à Política para Associação de Empreendimentos ao FSCⓇ 
Declaração referente à Política para Associação de Empreendimentos ao FSCⓇ (conteúdo disponível em inglês e espanhol)

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PEFC CERFLOR (Programa Brasileiro de Certificação Florestal) | bloco de texto

-  PEFC CERFLOR (Brazilian Forest Certification Program) 

Through the PEFC Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification and CERFLOR (Brazilian Forest Certification Program), Klabin promotes sustainable forest management and certifies that the enterprise cultivates eucalyptus and pine in accordance with environmental, social and economic requirements . It is also committed to assuming the long-term commitments defined in the regulatory standards for the Chain of Custody. See all of Klabin's PEFC and CERFLOR certifications:

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CERFLOR Florestal

PEFC Monte Alegre

PEFC Ortigueira

Certificate PEFC Ortigueira


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Ok Compost | bloco de texto

-  Ok Compost

Klabin was the first company in the pulp and paper industry to obtain the Belgian OK Compost certification for cement sacks. The certificate guarantees that the product completely decomposes within 12 weeks, without posing a risk of contamination to the environment.  View all Klabin Ok Compost certifications:   

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Sacos Industriais

Sacos Industriais 

Sacos Industriais

American Institute of Baking (AIB) | bloco de texto

-  American Institute of Baking (AIB)

This recognition attests to the processes adopted by Klabin in its Food Packaging Program, which guarantees the integrity of the bags, its sanitary status and the health of end users. We are the first paper bag packaging company in Latin America to receive international recommendation from the AIB, an entity that has already carried out audits in manufacturing units in more than 120 countries. View all Klabin AIB certifications:   

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Lages (SC)

Lages (SC)

ISEGA | bloco de texto


Ensures paper quality used for packaging that comes in contact with foods.  View all Klabin ISEGA certifications:   

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Papelcartão (Klafold, Klafold BF, Klafold FZ, Klakarton)
Papelcartão (KlaMult D3, KlaMult W3)
Papelcartão (KlaPak, Klaliquid)
Klaflute (Unidade Puma)

Klaliner (Unidade Puma)
Klaliner White (Unidade Puma)

Eukaflute (Unidade Puma)

Eukaliner (Unidade Puma)

Eukaliner White (Unidade Puma)

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FSSC 22000 | bloco de texto

-  FSSC 22000

One of the most advanced standards in certification to ensure the origin of food packaging paper. The certification was created based on ISO 22000, supplementing it by specifying the necessary prerequisites for the production of packaging that ensures safety to the health of end users. Among the prerequisites are cleaning and organization of the production area, in addition to water and air quality control and pest control.  View all Klabin FSSC 22000 certifications:   

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Monte Alegre (PR)

ISO 14001 | bloco de texto

-  ISO 14001

Establishes the most important requirements to implement and operate an Environmental Management System. Globally recognized as a means of improving environmental performance and controlling costs for organizations.  View all Klabin ISO 14001 certifications:  

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ISO 14001

Angatuba (SP) - ISO 14001
Betim (MG) -  ISO 14001
Correia Pinto (SC) -  ISO 14001
Feira de Santana (BA) -  ISO 14001
Goiana (PE) -  ISO 14001
Itajaí (SC) -  ISO 14001
Jundiaí Distrito Industrial (SP) -  ISO 14001
Jundiaí Tijuco Preto (SP) -  ISO 14001
Lages (SC) -  ISO 14001
Monte Alegre (PR) -  ISO 14001
Otacílio Costa (SC) -  ISO 14001
Piracicaba (SP) -  ISO 14001
Ortigueira (PR) -  ISO 14001 - Celulose
São Leopoldo (RS) -  ISO 14001

Paulínia (SP) -  ISO 14001
Suzano (SP) -  ISO 14001
Ortigueira (PR) -  ISO 14001 - Papel

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ISO 9001 | bloco de texto

-  ISO 9001

Provides the guidelines that guarantee product uniformity. Encompassing all steps of quality-related processes, from design to delivery of the final product.  View all Klabin ISO 9001 certifications:   

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ISO 9001

Angatuba (SP) - ISO 9001
Betim (MG) -  ISO 9001 
Correia Pinto (SC) - ISO 9001 
Feira de Santana (BA) -  ISO 9001 
Goiana (PE) -  ISO 9001 
Itajaí (SC) -  ISO 9001 
Jundiaí Distrito Industrial (SP) -  ISO 9001
Jundiaí Tijuco Preto (SP) -  ISO 9001
Lages (SC) -  ISO 9001
Monte Alegre (PR) -  ISO 9001 
Otacílio Costa (SC) -  ISO 9001
Piracicaba (SP) -  ISO 9001
Ortigueira (PR) -  ISO 9001 - Celulose
Rio Negro (PR) - ISO 9001
São Leopoldo (RS) -  ISO 9001 
Manaus (AM) I -  ISO 9001
Paulínia (SP) -  ISO 9001 
Rio Verde (GO) -  ISO 9001
Ortigueira (PR) -  ISO 9001 - Papel

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ISO 45001 | bloco de texto

-  ISO 45001

Occupational Health and Safety Management System attests Klabin’s concern with the physical integrity of its workers and partners.  View all Klabin ISO 45001 certifications:   

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ISO 45001

Angatuba (SP) - ISO 45001
Otacílio Costa (SC) -  ISO 45001
Monte Alegre (PR) -  ISO 45001
Ortigueira - ISO 45001 - Celulose
Unidade Correia Pinto - ISO 45001
Ortigueira - ISO 45001 - Papel

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Estudos Ambientais | bloco de texto

-  Estudos Ambientais

All studies related to environmental aspects concerning the location, installation, operation and expansion of an activity or enterprise, serving as a prerequisite for the analysis of the required permit, such as: neighborhood impact study, environmental report, plan and project for environmental control, preliminary environmental report, environmental diagnosis, management plan, degraded area recovery plan and preliminary risk analysis, among others.  View all Klabin Environmental Studies:   

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Terminal Portuário Klabin (PAR-01)

Terminal Portuário Klabin (PAR-01)


Usina Hidrelétrica Presidente Vargas | bloco de texto

-  PCH Presidente Vargas

Owned by Klabin S.A., the Presidente Vargas Small Hydroelectric Plant (SHP) is located on the Tibagi River, between the municipalities of Telêmaco Borba and Ortigueira, in the state of Paraná, and has an installed capacity of 16.32 MW. The Presidente Vargas SHP was inaugurated in 1952, being used for electricity generation at the Monte Alegre unit. The documents published herein refer to the public consultation of condition nº. 05 of the Environmental License for Operation of the hydroelectric power plant.  View the licenses of the President Vargas SHP:    

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PCH Presidente Vargas

Licença de operação da PCH

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ISO 50001| bloco de texto

- ISO 50001

The ISO 50001 Energy Management System certification shows that the company has the systems and processes necessary to improve energy performance and efficiency, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts, in addition to generating savings.  See all Klabin ISO 50001 certifications:  

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ISO 50001

ISO 50001

ISO 50001

SAIBA MAIS - sustentabilidade - estratégia | bloco de texto