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1. Doações e Patrocínios | Como enviar

Before starting, here are some important tips: 

2. Doações e Patrocínios | Como enviar - Lista

To submit a proposal for a call for proposals notice via PROSAS you must have an entrepreneurial profile. If you do not have an entrepreneurial profile, please create one before starting your submission for the notice.
Do not wait until the last minute to submit. Doubts are common during the submission process, so the sooner you start, the more peace of mind you'll have to complete the process.
Save your proposal as a draft whenever you enter any important data, or before submitting it for review. Thus, there will be no risk of losing it, in case you have any issues with your internet connection, for instance.
Proposals submitted at the last minute are subject to not being received by our platform. Submission is not instantaneous and your speed depends on many factors, especially your internet connection. The time considered for proposal receipt is the confirmation of submission and not when you click on the “submit” button.
Due to its length, writing proposals for notices via a mobile phone is not recommended. In case you have no other means of internet access, such as a laptop or computer, access the platform with a cell phone in the horizontal position.
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    Access Prosas using your registration email and password.

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    Search for the Klabin Transforma – Banco de Projetos

    call for proposals notice (Klabin Transforms - Project Bank).You can access the notice you wish to apply for by clicking on the notices button, located on the top bar of the website with your registration email and password.

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    Access the Klabin Transforma – Banco de Projetos

    notice (Klabin Transforms - Project Bank). After opening the notice page, you will see the submit button, located on the right side, under the submission deadline. Just click on it to access the form.

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    Fill out the proposal description.

    Carefully read the instructions presented in the Call for Proposals Notice Data and in the documents provided by the Sponsor.

    Next, enter the requested information in the tabs:

    2. Data — for registration of basic information;

    3. Questions — for any questions you may have about the customized form;

    4. Supplementary — to add optional information, content or materials;

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    Submit your proposal. 

    After checking that you completed the proposal information in all tabs, click on submit proposal to send it to the sponsor.

    It is important to emphasize that once submitted, the proposal cannot be edited. If you haven't finished filling out the proposal, remember to save it as a draft so that you can edit it later.

    To find the draft of your proposal, just access your entrepreneur profile, go to the menu in the upper right hand corner and click on my proposals. After that, by clicking on edit (pencil-shaped button, located on the right side of your proposal), you will be able to fill in or change the form fields until submission, while the call for proposals notice period is still open.

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    Check the submission receipt.

    To confirm that the proposal has been submitted, check that you have received confirmation of submission. Confirmation will appear as soon as your proposal is submitted, in the browser, and will also be sent to your email. You can also see confirmation in the ‘my proposals’ page, which can be accessed from the menu in the upper right hand corner. If your proposal has been successfully submitted, it will appear as under review.

3. Doações e patrocínios - Prosa | Destaque de conteúdo interno/externo

Submit a project

To submit your proposal, visit the website and follow the step-by-step instructions above. Access the website.