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The shopping journey only ends after delivery. And Klabin knows that the customer experience is complete with special unboxing, which is why we offer sustainable and durable paper packaging with excellent print quality.

Selling online is a growing market trend and the packaging that carries your products needs attributes that go beyond just protection. A box can become a powerful marketing tool and, if adequately customized, can highlight your brand identity, your values and purposes, and the competitive factors. It can even bring your customer closer.

Our corrugated board and sack kraft solutions can be customized and are ideal for any type of business, whether small, medium or large. To meet the needs of all types of e-commerce, we have a vast portfolio of versatile products with attributes that make each package unique, such as quick assembly boxes with coupled partitions and enhanced tamper-proof features. 

Klabin can partner with your company to develop the ideal packaging for your product, providing the end consumer with the protection and experience that your brand needs in order to reach out to customers.

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Choosing Klabin is delivering the best to your customers. We have the ideal solution for online stores of all sizes all over Brazil!

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Discover Klabin ForYou

Klabin ForYou is Klabin’s marketplace, a platform where you can find products for delivery and boxes for all types of transportation, including different sizes of corrugated board boxes for use by the postal service, and items such as silk paper, adhesive tapes and kraft paper. And the best part is, your order is delivered within a day if you are in Greater São Paulo. We also have a super-fast delivery service to all of Brazil.  Klabin ForYou is ideal for businesses of all sizes that seek quality paper packaging for diverse segments, with recyclable and biodegradable solutions produced from raw materials derived from renewable sources. 

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Our sales, engineering and innovation teams have the expertise to develop the ideal solution for your e-commerce quickly and intelligently.
Custumer Experience

Custumer Experience

Thanks to innovative technologies and a team focused on developing new products, we help your brand deliver a better unboxing experience for your customers.


With various successful cases already implemented, we develop the ideal packaging solution for your e-commerce based on market best practices.


Standardization of design, printing and quality in packages.
Presença nacional

Nationwide presence

Our nationwide footprint, with packaging production units all across Brazil, ensures uniform quality and delivery standards.


Our high-capacity mills combined with operational flexibility enable Klabin to meet the growth of your e-commerce and high demand on special dates and events such as Black Friday.

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For questions about our products and requests for quotations, please contact our sales team. Send a message