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The customer's buying journey only ends after delivery. And Klabin knows that a special unboxing makes the customer’s experience even more complete. That's why we offer sustainable and durable paper packaging. 


Our corrugated board and sack kraft solutions can be customized and fit any type of small, medium-sized, or large business. To meet e-commerce companies` needs, we offer a versatile product line with attributes that make each package unique, such as quick assembly boxes, with partitions and enhanced security against tampering. 

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Klabin ForYou

Klabin's marketplace was created to cater to micro and small businesses looking for quality paper packaging for various business segments. We offer resistant, recyclable, biodegradable solutions made from raw material from renewable sources. In addition, to be even closer to the end consumer, Klabin ForYou offers various paper items to be used in everyday activities. 

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