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We develop customized Sack Kraft packaging solutions for all segments. The packaging’s differentials are strength, porosity, elasticity, excellent finish and print quality. Furthermore, our bags are printed with water-based ink and structured with ecological glue that do not contaminate the soil, resulting in a highly biodegradable product that reintegrates into the ecosystem in a few months. We are the largest industrial bag converter in Brazil. 

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Klabin offers the best solutions for each market segment.  

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Long life for your product.

Keeps your product at its best

Developed to increase your product’s shelf life, protecting it from sunlight and moisture, preserving its best features, such as texture, color, aroma, flavor and consistency.


Your way, with your brand’s identity.

Better visibility for your brand

Our CONCEPT solution is perfect to provide better visibility to your products in stores, supermarkets and other points of sale. Produced with Sack Kraft paper, it provides good quality print to add value to your brand and can be used, for example, to pack flour and bran, coffee, pet food, among others.


Your product protected.

Safe transportation and handling

To ensure quality and prevent contamination of the product and of those who handle it, Klabin offers bags from our SHIELD line. They keep the product’s properties, prevent leaks, and ensure safety during the transportation and handling of chemicals, ores and fertilizers. Moreover, they facilitate storage in your stockroom or warehouse, helping to keep the place clean and free from bugs, rodents and birds.


Protecting your brand.

Always the best protection

Klabin packaging with the HARD seal are ready for any type of handling and transportation. If used correctly, they do not tear easily, as they are made with high-stretch softwood pulp fibers, which ensures strength and durability. They are the best solution to protect your product and avoid losses (from the origin to the end consumer). It is ideal both for the construction segment and to transport seeds in the agribusiness.

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For questions about our products and requests for quotations, please contact our sales team. Send a message