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It doesn't matter if the product is big or small, light or heavy, delicate or hazardous. Klabin offers tailored solutions that adapt to each business.  


Our portfolio offers corrugated board and kraft sack packages that are ideal for storing liquids, hazardous products and even items that weigh tons.  


No matter what the need, Klabin is ready to deliver the best solution to each and every customer.  

Klabin Pós Venda

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Event that involves the efforts of the packaging, cards and sustainability teams, focused on listening to the customer to capture challenges and opportunities for innovation, in order to propose a portfolio of solutions that add value to the business.


Event that encourages collaboration between Klabin and its customers to create products and/or services.


Specialized service in the creation of products, including the elaboration of the structural project and the technical specification.


Specialized service in the reassessment of the client's portfolio focused on improvement, revisiting all elements of the project, assessing the need until the end of the product's life cycle.


Evento direcionado para aplicação de treinamentos/aulas para capacitação técnica do cliente, de parceiros ou de entidades como universidades, ONGs, startups etc.
suporte técnico pós-venda

suporte técnico pós-venda

Technical consulting, preventive and corrective visits and monitoring of line / product startup.
sistemas de embalagem

sistemas de embalagem

Preventive and corrective visits to start-up of lending machines, technical consultancy, lending of equipment and/or machines and operational training.

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Conheça o nosso centro de tecnologia de embalagens

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Showroom CTE

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Sala de cocriação equipada com videoconferência


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Meet some of our cases

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We developed, in partnership with Suvinil, a different packaging for the line of varnishes, made with corrugated cardboard. Innovative, 100% recyclable and easy to use, it still prevents leaks and product waste. The contents are the same as the gallon and the paper packaging makes it easy to stack.

Together with Votorantim Cimentos, our Sales team, our product development airline and the Klabin technology center research team, have developed a bag for dispersible cement, that is, packaging that goes directly into the concrete mixer, disintegrates and is integrated into the preparation process. Inaddition, the Ekomix paper packaging is biodegradable, prodiced from renewable sources that ensure greater safety, strength, better performance in the system and excelente palletizing.

Package that protects the contents inside and inactivates the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)? Klabin has it! We have teamed up with Bio FioCruz and Faculdade SENAI CETIQT to develop coating with antiviral properties for e-commerce packaging. Tests conducted by Fiocruz showed that the solution inactivated the coronavirus by more than 99% within a minute of contact! The technology is primarily targeted at e-commerce, since packages are handled by several people until they reach the final consumer. The organic and metal-free active ingredient maintains the recyclability of the packaging, significantly reducing waste generation and contributing to the circular economy.

In partnership with  Tibii, we developed the first packaging for feed from Klabin corrugated cardboard made with recyclable and biodegradable raw material. In addition, we also replaced the plastic packaging that was used internally with a paper solution from Klabin, which guarantees a greater barrier against moisture and oxygen, leaving food always fresh and without losing any of its nutritional value.

Mattress in a box? With Klabin it was possible!  In partnership with Zissou, we created this innovative, practical and safe way to ship mattresses all over Brazil. The challenge was a sustainable, resistant packaging that would protect the mattress, be easy to transport and add value to the brand. Today we also pack products such as pillows and pet beds, and we are constantly evolving in this partnership.

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