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To produce PineCel™, the only 100% softwood pulp in the domestic market, Klabin uses pine wood from 100% planted forests certified by globally recognized entities, ensuring sustainability and safety from the wood to the final product.

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Resistance Properties

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Pulp is extracted from various plants, such as eucalyptus and pine trees planted by Klabin, and is an important raw material used in several segments, such as the paper, disposable diapers, fabrics, and biofuel industries. 


At Klabin, pulp is produced in the Puma Unit, in Ortigueira (state of Paraná). The mill started-up in June 2016 and is one of the most modern pulp mills in the world. It has two production lines: one for softwood (obtained from pine wood) and another for hardwood (obtained from eucalyptus), offering a production capacity of 1.5 million tons of pulp per year.  

Destaque Puma | Relatórios e Performance

Learn more about the Puma unit


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The Puma Unit reiterates Klabin's commitment to the best global sustainability practices by combining high forest yield, efficient operations and logistics, in addition to state-of-the-art environmental technology. With this plant, Klabin became a fiber solutions company. It is the only one in Brazil to produce bleached hardwood pulp, bleached softwood pulp and fluff pulp in the same mill. 

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Softwood pulp PineCel™ is the ideal solution to produce paper in the tissue, packaging and special paper segments.  


It can be used as:  

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Pulp for the tissue line (toilet paper, paper towels and napkins)
Pulp for filters
Pulp for fiber cement products
Pulp for packaging

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