Klabin Sowing Education will double the number of schools served in Goiana (PE)

Initiative supports municipal school management and offers continuing education for educational managers and teachers, with a positive effect on student learning


Goiana, December 2, 2021 — As part of its commitment to fostering the social development of communities where it operates, Klabin is implementing the Klabin Sowing Education program in Goiana, Pernambuco. The initiative, which helps local education departments to improve the Basic Education Development Index (IDEB),  covers 10 schools and should add 10 more schools in 2022.


The program provides guidelines and recommendations to improve school management and continuing education for teachers, thus having a direct impact on successful student learning. Schools can seek collaborative solutions for the challenges faced in the teaching process.


School managers are the focus of the program, which operates on four fronts: educational management; training for educational professionals and managers; academic practices and evaluation; and physical infrastructure and academic resources. In practice, the program has three development phases: the first relates to school indicators, which act as a guide to the work; in the second phase, interviews are held to serve as the basis of diagnosis; and in the third phase, action plans are defined and results are monitored.


Regarding teachers, the purpose is to promote continuing training in Mathematics and Portuguese to professionals in the municipal school network. The first module in 2021 started with Mathematics, with exercises to reflect how valuable  this discipline is in basic education by providing the necessary learning that will accompany students throughout their lives.  


“Klabin Sowing Education has been delivering positive results in the IDEB index in the towns where we operate and Goiana is already reaping the fruits of this initiative,” says Uilson Paiva, Social Responsibility and Community Relations manager at Klabin.


Launched in Paraná in 2017, Klabin Sowing Education is part of the Klabin 2030 Agenda, which defines Klabin’s Sustainable Development Goals (KSDG), a set of short-, medium- and long-term commitments that organize and guide the priority Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) milestones for the company based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The initiative addresses SDG 4 – Quality education, throughout the lifetime of all.


The program currently benefits 13 towns in the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Pernambuco, covering over 146 schools and approximately 1,218 education professionals (327 managers and 891 teachers) and 22,000 students.


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