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CONCEPT - Embalagens de Papelão Ondulado I Destaque

CONCEPT  - Corrugated board packaging 

Our CONCEPT solution is perfect to provide better visibility to your products in stores, supermarkets and other points of sale. Display-type packaging can be used for different business segments and offer a simplified assembly. 

UNIQUE - Embalagens de Papelão Ondulado I Destaque

UNIQUE - Corrugated board packaging 

Featuring a unique design, these differentiated and customized packaging add value to your products and highlight the quality of your brand. 

ONSITE - Embalagens de Papelão Ondulado I Destaque

ONSITE - Corrugated board packaging 

Recommended for automated production processes, they are suitable for food, beverages and many other high-yield  items, such as personal care and cleaning products. 

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