Social & EnvironmentalResponsibility

Klabin seeks to maintain dialogue and good relationships in the communities where it operates, as well as to create and stimulate
actions engaged in the environmental preservation of their work areas.
For this she focuses her efforts on four main pillars of action:

Klabin Education

In the Education pillar, Klabin’s actions include supporting improvements in education, sports and
citizenship. The projects focus on supporting the development of teachers and students at all educational
levels (pre-school, elementary, high school, vocational and afterschool) and on improving school infrastructure.

Klabin for Local Development

Klabin’s social investment initiatives strengthen skills and knowledge and leverage the potential of each
region. It believes in the economic, social and cultural empowerment of local communities as a
way to develop the areas where the company operates.

Klabin Environmental

Klabin maintains Environmental Education projects targeting teachers and students in local communities.
The idea is to raise ecological awareness and to promote respect for the environment
and biodiversity conservation.

Klabin Cultural

Klabin’s initiatives to foster cultural development through artistic
expression include the activities of the Vera Lafer Cultural Space:
Klabin’s Singing Girls and Right Step.

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