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Cristiano Cardoso Teixeira Chief Executive Officer
Alexandre Nicolini Pulp Business Director
Ana Cristina Barcellos Rodrigues People & Corporate Services Director
Claudio Ortolan Director of Forestry planning and strategy
Darlon Orlamunder de Souza Forestry Operations Director
Douglas Dalmasi Packaging Business Director
Fábio Fernandes Medeiros Legal, Integrity and Risk Management Director
Flávio Deganutti Paper Business Director
Francisco Razzolini Director of Industrial Technology, Innovation, Sustainability and Projects
Gabriela Woge Director of Corporate Finance
Gabriella Michelucci Corrugated Board Director
Herbert Wang Ho Chief Accounting Officer
João Antônio Gomes Braga Projects and Engineering Director
José Totti Forestry Director
José Soares Paper Commercial Director
José Valmir Calori Forestry Expansion Director
Marcos Paulo Conde Ivo Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer
Odercio Claro Director of Information Technology
Pablo Cadaval Santos New Business Director
Ricardo Cardoso Pulp Industrial Director
Roberto de Camargo Bisogni Sackraft Packaging Director
Sandro Ávila Operational Planning, Logistics and Supply Chain Director