1. Tecnologia em Produto - Visão geral | bloco de texto

Keeping up with trends, developing new technologies and proposing innovative solutions: this is the meticulous work that our teams do every day, which includes a lot of analysis, expertise, and testing, in addition to creating synergy between different departments. Many businesses, on the most varied fronts, are originated from two types of fibers. 

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2. Tecnologia em Produto - Como nascem os produtos

How the products are created

For a new product to be developed at Klabin, there are several starting and ending routes. It can be developed from customer demand, market trend analysis, or internally, when a good opportunity is identified. From there, our team starts the process that includes research, analysis, prioritization, tests, approvals and several phases. Depending on its needs and complexity, the project can take weeks, months or even years to reach the market – all to ensure efficiency and safety. 

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3. Tecnologia em Produto - Investimento em Tecnologia | bloco de texto

Investment in Technology

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Investment in Technology

We have expanded our investments in research, development, and innovation to advance in increasingly sustainable applications for our products, in search of natural and biodegradable barriers to meet the demands of conscious consumption. We follow market trends and develop customized solutions for each project, according to the needs of each customer. We invest in industrial and forestry research, aiming at developing new products and partnering with research institutes and universities.

Klabin Lab

To foster innovative ideas, there is nothing better having an exclusive space developed for that purpose. At the Jundiaí TP Unit (SP), we will have an experience center to create new projects side by side with our customers. The center will be available to all Klabin departments and will feature a co-creation room, 3D printer, video conference room, laser cutting plotter, vibrating blade, and a product showroom​.