September 22, 2020

Works begin on Wolff Klabin School

Complete renovation will mark the school's 2021 academic year

Works begin on Wolff Klabin School

Complete renovation will mark the school’s 2021 academic year


Paraná, September 22, 2020 – On September 22, Klabin, in partnership with the State Government of Paraná, the State Education Department and the Regional Education Center, begins renovation work at the Wolff Klabin State School in Telêmaco Borba. Works include the renovation of classrooms, auditorium, gym, library and new landscaping, which will improve the facilities at the Wolff Klabin School.

The renovation work will also include a climate control system for classrooms, and the school will have the first robotics laboratory in the Campos Gerais region, whose construction and equipment are included in the project. In response to requests from the school, Klabin included in the school renovation plan the installation of a security monitoring system and a complete refurbishment of the school’s electrical system and the sports court.

“It is very important for us to rely on the partnership with the private sector. In addition to improvements to ensure the well-being of students, the school will gain a technological space, which will be used when in-person classes resume”, said Renato Feder, the Education Secretary.

To take care of the academic part, Klabin’s Sowing Education Project has been providing pedagogical consulting services to the school since the start of the year and has helped to strengthen the school management process at Wolff Klabin during this renovation period. “Klabin will spare no effort to conclude the renovation of the Wolff Klabin State School to the students and school professionals. Apart from infrastructural improvements, the Klabin Sowing Education program has been running since the start of mobilization, which supported the state education network in improving students’ performance by 25% in the 2017 Basic Education Development Index (IDEB). Our intention is to support this moment of transition and also contribute to quality education and the advancement of public education in our city”, says Arthur Canhisares, Industrial Paper Director at Klabin.

The school currently has 1,514 elementary, high school, normal and vocational students. It also offers a teacher training course and vocational courses in Nursing and Occupational Safety. It employs 137 people, including 78 teachers.

Precautions with COVID-19

The changes imposed by the new Coronavirus pandemic altered the schedule for finalizing the adjustments to the agreement between the state government and Klabin and forced them to plan the necessary adjustments to meet the health, prevention and safety protocols of employees, the school environment and the community . The company remains aligned with the guidelines established by the World Health Organization (WHO), and its medical and inspection committees will monitor all the stages of the renovation process, prioritizing the health and well-being of everyone involved until its completion, scheduled for February 2021.

Initially, 25 professionals will work on the renovation works and 15 more will join during the peak phase. All the workers hired are residents of Telêmaco Borba, tested negative for COVID-19 and have a medical plan, as required by Klabin’s agreements with contractors. Every day, when entering and leaving, the body temperature of all the workers will be checked and their work will be divided in such a way as to facilitate physical distancing. Moreover, masks and hand sanitizer were delivered for constant use.

Food will be served individually in lunchboxes and meals will be consumed in internal environments already defined, with tables placed distant from each other to avoid proximity and contact. Hand sanitizer bottles are being placed all over the school, and the environments, machinery and tools will be cleaned frequently. Respecting the distancing guidelines, the company organized an integration meeting to explain all the guidelines and protocols related to health, prevention and active individual care and precautions with colleagues, already established by the Company and in force at all its units. Emphasis was also laid on local traffic safety, and the importance of the school and the renovation project.

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