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Wolff Klabin State High School resumes classes with a new look after its renovation

Faculty and employees already have returned to work at the high school, where the renovation project is 92% complete

Paraná, February 22, 2021 – Nearly one year after the start of physical distancing due to the pandemic, students at the Wolff Klabin State High School are preparing for the first phase of the return to classes under a hybrid format. On March 1, students will return to a whole new school: the renovation works carried out under the partnership of Klabin with the Paraná State Education & Sports Department are in the final phase ahead of delivery of a completely modernized new school.

The works that Klabin has been carrying out at the school are 92% complete. The environments already ready to welcome students include the classrooms, library, teacher’s lounge, restrooms and the new food storage room. The video monitoring system already is operational. Minor details remain to be concluded in the revamping of the electrical system and the new landscaping, as well as the school’s new façade. The works in the gymnasium are advancing on schedule and should be concluded in March, jointly with the Innovation Laboratory.

“With the works already concluded and the support of the consulting firm in the school planning and administration, the students, faculty and staff will begin the new school year in a facility that has completely new and modernized,” said Uilson Paiva, Social Responsibility and Community Relations Manager at Klabin.

Initially, 50% of the students enrolled will have classes onsite and 50% will continue under a distance learning format, on a rotating basis. The reopening is part of the plan announced by the Paraná State Government, following the protocols defined by the State Health Department and the State Education & Sports Department, which include health safety and educational measures. As part of the process, there will be a period of approximately one month in which students, teachers and the workers finalizing works will coexist.

However, in addition to the concern with safety, the protocols for preventing and combatting covid-19 will receive even more heightened attention during the routine. All areas being renovated will be duly isolated and clearly demarcated, with signage providing adequate orientation to employees and monitoring conducted by a security system installed and already functioning.

“We’re really pleased to see a challenging and complex project like this nearing the final stages. This will definitely make an important contribution to making Wolff Klabin High School once again a reference in education in our region,” said Sueli Aparecida Martins, Director of the Telêmaco Borba Regional Education Center.

The project team, which is working at an accelerated rate and continuing to deliver on schedule, will use restrooms not used by faculty and students and take their meals on an alternating schedule. All employees must pass a covid-19 test and are monitored by a medical team and obligatorily must work using protective masks with an ample supply of hand sanitizer.

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