Social Projects March 07, 2018

Schools in Otacílio Costa receives Klabin’s Growing Up Reading project

The city’s public elementary schools received 900 children’s books

Santa Catarina, March 7, 2018 – Last week, the public elementary schools CEI Professora Marlene Luiz Antunes and CEI Valdecir José Carvalho, both in the city of ? Otacílio Costa, participated in the last phase of the Klabin project Growing Up Reading, which encourages reading among children up to 6 years old. Nine hundred books were donated, along with two reading corners, which encourage creativity, imagination and the exchange of experiences, while promoting the principles of the National Pact for Literacy at the Right Age.

The project’s actions include supporting the development of teachers, teaching coordinators and principals in the local public elementary school system, as well as technicians at the Municipal Department of Education, using a digital platform managed by the Avisa Lá Institute. Reading corners were created at the schools, which were planned and installed by the teachers themselves. Each collection has 450 donated books, which were chosen by a curators specializing in primary education. Also as part of the project, Klabin offers a storytelling workshop for the students’ parents, who presented the results to their children during the inauguration ceremony for the reading corner.

Developed five years ago in partnership with the NGO United Way Brasil and the Avisa Lá Institute, the Growing Up Reading project already has reached 26 cities in seven Brazilian states where Klabin operates. Since then, over 10,000 children have benefited from the initiative, with some 11,000 books donated and more than 600 primary education professionals trained.

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