October 21, 2020

Piracicaba receives first two murals planned for the city’s buildings

The action is part of the Living Walls Festival, which has invited two local artists to produce giant graffiti works to call attention to social and environmental issues.

Piracicaba, October 15, 2020 – From October 19 to November 15, Piracicaba is hosting the Living Walls Festival, a project that uses urban art to foster social and environmental awareness. With support from Klabin, Brazil’s largest producer and exporter of packaging paper, the initiative invites local artists to create two large graffiti murals on the sides of buildings in an unprecedented artistic intervention in the city.

The first will be produced by Sarah Soares, who, on October 19, will begin painting on the Edifício Metrópole building located at Rua Alfredo Guedes, 2020. Meanwhile, the second work, by Diógenes Moura, will begin on November 2, on the Edifício Fecchio building located near Alto do Mirante, at Avenida Rui Barbosa, 126.

“As a visual artist, I see graffiti as a way to communicate with the people of Piracicaba, since it provokes reflection on topics of great importance to the city in an accessible way, albeit critical. For example, Piracicaba is a city with few women artists who create artwork on the streets. So including myself in my own murals is a way to encourage other women to act on their dreams, even though graffiti is seen as a ‘man’s thing,’” said Sarah.

And based on the belief that one of the key ways to confront an environmental and social emergency is by fostering a conscientious and engaged society, the festival is making available a series of five video classes on the environment and urban art available at no charge to the public school community. Teachers and students can download the educational videos from the festival’s website via the link

“Our goal is to combine the power of art with raising awareness and of education with sustainability. And we do that in three ways: (1) valuing local culture, (2) transforming the walls that divide people and spaces into windows to a more colorful, sustainable and just world, and (3) and bringing this reflection into the classroom. This is our way of calling people’s attention to the problem, inviting them to reflect and training them to rethink and leverage their actions and habits,” explained Pedro Frazão, a visual artist and the project’s coordinator.

By December, in addition to Piracicaba, the Living Walls Festival will also be held in three other cities in São Paulo, namely Cotia, Jundiaí and the state capital.

An initiative of the Parede Viva organization, the project draws on the support of Klabin, the support São Paulo State Government, the Culture and Creative Economy Department and the Cultural Incentive State Law – Cultural Action Program (ProAC).



Living Walls Festival in Piracicaba

Sarah Soares Mural (@sah_hudson)

Date: October 19-30
Place: Edifício Metrópole – Rua Alfredo Guedes, 2020.

Diógenes Moura Mural (@dioorgenesmoura)
Date: November 11-17

Place: Edifício


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