Social Projects May 09, 2018

Lages and Correia Pinto receive Klabin’s Caiubi Program

Project aims to raise awareness among teachers in the region on the importance of environmental education and make them multipliers of such knowledge

Santa Catarina, May 9, 2018 – On May 7 and 8, Klabin hosted the 29th edition of Caiubi Program in Santa Catarina state. The event was held at Klabin’s Environmental Education Center at the Correia Pinto Unit and included dynamic and interactive lectures for 50 teachers from the cities of Lages and Correia Pinto, with the focus on environmental conservation practices, benefits of paper and its production chain based on sustainability, making the community more familiar with Klabin’s sustainable development initiatives.

The central theme of the program this year was “The Benefits of Paper,” which explained the importance of paper for sustainability, mainly because of its high rate of recyclability. The event featured workshops and lectures on the advantages of the entire production chain of paper and pulp – from plantation, forest preservation and monitoring of biodiversity to Klabin’s manufacturing processes that produce finished products, as well as recycling of materials, community care initiatives and the development of social and environmental aspects.

The first day of the program featured lectures on environmental preservation: Sustainable Forest Plantations, More Than Animals!, Fun Activities on Environmental Education and Legal Forests Program. The lectures were given by Mireli Moura Pitz Floriani, biologist and specialist in Environmental Education at Klabin; Max Raffi, veterinarian; Juares Magagnin, Environmental Police officer; and Leandro Casanova, environmental engineer and specialist in Water Resources at the Association for Preservation of the Environment and Life (Apremavi). Max Farjallat conducted the role-play activity “Do Bicho ao Nicho,” and Daiana Barth, environmental manager at Apremavi, hosted the game “Jogão Fique Legal.”

On the second day, the lectures were focused on Klabin’s manufacturing processes and on the subject of recycling: “Klabin’s Environmental Management System,” presented by Rodrigo Teixeira, sanitary and environmental engineer at Klabin, and “The art of recycling paper,” by Anderson Eduardo de Barros, specialist in Art Teaching Methodology. Ana Gabriela de Oliveira, chemical engineer, spoke about the benefits of paper. The dynamic activity “Ecological Balance/Food Chain,” conducted by Mireli Moura Pitz Floriani, closed the program, and there were also visits to the Araucária Track and Klabin’s Correia Pinto Unit.

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