December 25, 2020

Klabin’s task force supports safety of Maintenance Shutdown at Puma Unit

Planning for the unit’s annual maintenance involves all operational fronts to ensure safety and continued efforts to contain covid-19

Klabin’s task force supports safety of Maintenance Shutdown at Puma Unit 


Planning for the unit’s annual maintenance involves all operational fronts to ensure safety and continued efforts to contain covid-19


Paraná, November 25, 2020 – To ensure employee safety and to comply with the sector’s mandatory Regulatory Standards (NRs), Klabin is carrying out a general shutdown at its Puma Unit in Ortigueira, Paraná, starting next Monday, November 30. The company is maintaining rigid health protocols to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, which include monitoring committees, coordination with health agencies and intense and constant communication of guidelines to all employees and reinforcing individual responsibility in complying with protocols and sharing precautions. 

To reduce the number of employees coming to the city, Klabin organized a task force from among its operations and was able to relocate from the Puma II Project most of the professionals needed for its general shutdown, a smaller team from the Monte Alegre Unit as well as employees from the Puma Unit itself, who already are in the region and familiar with the protocols for protecting against covid-19 and combating its spread. Moreover, of the external employees, a significant part will come from the Campos Gerais region. {0><}0{>The professionals will be tested for COVID-19 in their cities of origin before travelling to Ortigueira, and a new test will be made when they arrive there; in the case of any change in the results or clinical examination conducted by the medical team, the professional will be isolated in an independent facility and submitted to a new test of the PCR type for covid-


Employees stay in hotels inspected by Klabin that must demonstrate commitment to following the health and safety measured by company and public health agencies. In addition to screening the body temperature of all hotel guests at the entrance, the measures include the mandatory use of masks to enter the hotel and the availability of hand sanitizer in various locations; development of a daily plan for the more frequent sanitation of common spaces and rooms; a system for controlling the appropriate number of people in the reception and common areas to avoid overcrowding; delivery of meals in rooms and keeping tables apart from each other in the restaurant and with ventilation

Klabin will provide professionals with kits including masks and hand sanitizer and the hotels with materials for signaling, such as signs requiring the use of masks and adhesives for flooring, indicating the correct distancing. The company also booked a hotel to receive employees who have any symptoms and suspected cases for isolation and treatment.

Automatic body temperature screening for safe distancing

Puma Unit also installed the new automatic system for screening body temperature at the plant’s entrance. The equipment uses sensors that make automatic, fast and reliable body temperature screening, avoiding lines and that professionals be close to each other involuntarily.

The professional stands in front of a system’s totem, which will screen him and then indicate if there is any temperature alteration, and the medical team is warned if necessary. This automatic temperature recognition offers other advantages, such as detecting the use of mask, which is mandatory full time, and helping centralize the information, since the system is integrated into Klabin’s network, allowing the company to be aware of the overall health condition of professionals entering the plant every day and every shift. 

More locations for eating

Klabin created a facility apart from the Puma Unit buildings for employees of the Maintenance Shutdown to eat. The facility is a provisory restaurant, with all necessary equipment, tables apart from each other, ventilated environment and a team responsible for serving the employees, avoiding that utensils are touched and shared.

Puma Unit’s work teams continue using the Unit’s restaurant, while and the professionals from Puma II Project also remain in the facility they already use normally. In addition to each specific meal location, teams will be divided into different shifts, cycles and timetable, reducing significantly the circulation of people in the spaces at the same time. Klabin keeps the assumption of having more ventilated environments with tables apart from each other, avoiding that people stay close and have contact during the meal time.

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