September 05, 2019

Klabin wins 26th Ecology Expression Award

Klabin is one of the biggest winners in the award’s history

Klabin wins 26th Ecology Expression Award

Klabin is one of the biggest winners in the award’s history

Santa Catarina, September 2, 2019 – Klabin was one of the winners at the presentation ceremony of the 26th Edition of the Ecology Expression Awards, which was held at the Santa Catarina State Manufacturers’ Federation (FIESC) on Friday. With this latest achievement, Klabin becomes one of the award’s biggest winners, having garnered 15 trophies over the 26 years of the award.

This year, Klabin was recognized in the Solid Waste category for the case study on its Waste Processing Center. In 2016, the company implemented a modern Waste Processing Center at its Puma Unit in Ortigueira, Paraná that is responsible for transforming and reusing around 91% of the waste generated by the Puma and Monte Alegre Units (Telêmaco Borba), which combined account for 71% of the company’s total production capacity in Brazil. The materials recycled by the center are used for various purposes: in the construction industry they are made into ecological blocks, culverts, half round pipes, etc.; while in agriculture, they are transformed into organic compounds. The entire effort seeks to expand the possibilities for processing and reusing waste materials, giving them a new useful purpose.

“To be recognized by one of the most traditional ecology awards in Brazil is very gratifying for Klabin, since it reinforces the importance of our initiatives and allows us to continue innovating and expanding our projects, guided by the company’s Sustainability Policy and contributing to the achievement of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” said Júlio Nogueira, Corporate Sustainability and Environment manager at Klabin.


The Ecology Expression Award was created by Editora Expressão in 1993, one year after the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit, known as Eco 92. The goal was to promote the environmental actions of companies in Brazil’s South and to encourage other companies to follow their example. Since then, the recognition has received more than 2,700 submissions, including from leading companies, NGOs, municipalities and organizations in the South region. It is considered Brazil’s longest standing award.


About Klabin
Brazil’s largest producer and exporter of packaging paper and the leader in the corrugated board and industrial bag packaging segments, Klabin is the country’s only company offering one-stop solutions in hardwood, softwood and fluff pulp. Founded in 1899, Klabin has 17 industrial units in Brazil and one in Argentina. In Santa Catarina alone, Klabin generates over 5,200 direct and indirect jobs.

Klabin is a pioneer in adopting mosaic-based stewardship, which consists of planted forests interspersed with preserved native forests, forming ecological corridors that allow native wildlife to roam their natural habitat while contributing directly to protecting the soil, water and biodiversity. Klabin’s forest area in Santa Catarina covers a total of 135,000 hectares, 68,000 of which are native forests. The company also maintains in Santa Catarina a State Natural Heritage Private Reserve (RPPNE), the Serra da Farofa Complex, which is an area dedicated exclusively to the conservation of biodiversity, academic study and research. The region is home to important headwaters, such as those that flow into the Canoas and Caveiras rivers, as well as to endangered wildlife species.


Klabin’s entire management is guided by Sustainable Development and, in Santa Catarina, the company develops social and environmental programs, including Growing Up Reading Program, Growing Up Program, Environmental Protectors and Legal Forests Program.


Klabin also supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and the Brazilian Pact to Eradicate Slave Labor, and seeks suppliers and business partners that share its values of ethics, transparency and respect for sustainability principles.

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