June 07, 2021

Klabin partners with Paraná state government to donate over 95,000 units of intubation drugs

Donation is equivalent to R$7.5 million and will help maintain ICU beds in public health network

Paraná, June 2, 2021 – With the worsening of the new coronavirus pandemic and the consequent shortage of inputs to treat patients in ICUs, Klabin has donated over 95,000 units intubation drugs to the State Health Department of Paraná. Of this total, around 30,000 units will be sent directly to the 21st Health Region, which comprises the following towns: Telêmaco Borba, Curiúva, Imbaú, Ortigueira, Reserva, Tibagi and Ventania. The management and distribution of medications to the health units will be carried out by the State Health Department and the 21th Health Region.

Considered the biggest donation by the private sector to the state of Paraná, Klabin has donated approximately R$7.5 million to acquire medications, which are key to maintaining the ICU beds operational. The donation was officially announced at a videoconference today (June 2), attended by Klabin executives, including CEO Cristiano Teixeira, and the governor of Paraná, Ratinho Júnior, as well as the state health secretary, Beto Preto, and the CEO of Invest Paraná, Eduardo Bekin.

“Since the start of the global health crisis, Klabin has been engaged in combatting the spread of COVID-19. Aware of its responsibility as a corporate citizen, Klabin has been supporting health, social assistance and income generation initiatives targeted at the communities where it operates,” said Cristiano Teixeira, CEO of Klabin.

“The Amazonas strain of the coronavirus, which was identified in Paraná in February, already accounts for 75% of the people infected across the state and is much more aggressive and rapidly transmitted, which leads to more people being hospitalized. We are going through a very difficult moment and even as we try to acquire inputs, manufacturers are unable to meet the demand at the speed that we require. Hence the importance of any assistance from the private sector, especially Klabin, to help us with this supply,” said governor Ratinho Júnior.

The drugs are expected to be delivered to the state government next week. “Klabin understands that this is a delicate moment when every gesture counts and hence we have taken quick action to support Paraná and the towns with various resources,” Teixeira added.

Beto Preto, the state health secretary, said Klabin’s donation at this moment of the pandemic was essential. “It is a significant amount of medications that will be distributed to our hospital network treating COVID-19 patients across Paraná. These patients cannot be without these medications since they are intubated and need to remain sedated. Thus, on behalf of them, I thank Klabin for this donation.”

With this initiative, Klabin has donated more than R$12.5 million to the state of Paraná for actions aimed at combating the new coronavirus pandemic. Among the main investments is the construction of the Telêmaco Borba Regional Hospital and the acquisition of equipment for its operation. Other important actions by the Company in the state were the deputation of professionals from its health area to the public health service, donation of ventilators and external monitors, which enabled the opening of new ICU beds, as well as funds and medications to meet the additional workload at specific beds at the Instituto Doutor Feitosa (IDF), donation of COVID-19 tests, hospital PPE, masks, hand sanitizer, food baskets and sodium hypochlorite for disinfecting the streets.


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