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Klabin partners with Imbaú to achieve job creation target

The target of creating 128 positions in 2017 will be doubled with the opportunities offered by the company

Paraná, July 13, 2017 – With the help of Klabin, the ImbaúWorkers’ Agency was able to achieve, in six months, its target job creation for the whole year. Estimates indicate that, by the end of 2017, the target of creating 128 positions will be doubled. Around 85% of the new positions will be offered by Klabin, substantially in the Forestry area.

The data were presented during a breakfast meeting at the Imbaú Workers’ Agency in the final days of June. The event, also attended by Mayor Lauir de Oliveira and businessmen from the region, introduced the Action Plan to Create Jobs and Income, an initiative supported by Klabin since last year. “Working to foster local development is part of Klabin’s Sustainability Policy and creating jobs is a direct part of it,” said Klabin’s expert in Community Relations, Sabrina Bicca.

The study shows the profile of Imbaú workers and how they could, through training, meet the needs of companies in the city.


The study presented by the Imbaú Workers’ Agency outlined the profile that reflects the city’s workforce. Of the men, most are aged 20 to 45 (80%) and has not finished Basic Education. As for women, most are aged 20 to 45 (90%) and have completed Secondary Education. The city’s Economically Active Population (EAP) is composed of approximately 5,000 people, 2,000 of whom are currently employed.

“The main difficulty in employing them is lack of sufficient training. That’s why we gathered representatives from companies in the region to ask them what kind of professionals they needed, so we could find development alternatives,” explained the manager of the Imbaú Workers’ Agency and Development Agency, Cleber Antunes de Carvalho. According to him, through directed training, companies in the region will be able to absorb the labor offered by the city.

Based on the result of the survey that addresses the professional needs of companies in the region, partnerships can be established with institutions specializing in professional training such as Senai, Senar and others. Thus, soon, the Workers’ Agency will be able to offer more training options. “Today, workers that comes to the Agency can take online training programs, write their résumé and keep their records updated in our databank,” said Carvalho. “Every time a company opens a position, such as Klabin, for instance, we refer the professionals registered with us to the selection process,” complemented the manager of the Imbaú Workers’ Agency and Development Agency.


The Imbaú Workers’ Agency is located at Avenida Ivo Jangada, 267, Centro – telephone (42)3278-1611.

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