June 10, 2020

Klabin operates Brazil’s first folding truck

Innovative truck designed by the company's forestry area starts tests this month

Klabin operates Brazil’s first folding truck

Innovative truck designed by the company’s forestry area starts tests this month

Paraná, June 10, 2020 – This week, the first folding truck in Brazil starts operating at Klabin’s planted forests in Paraná. This innovative truck was built by the Forestry Unit, which brought the technology from Australia and, in partnership with a specialist company, deployed it in the company’s truck, adapting it to the area’s daily routine. Initially, the truck will operate together with the traditional fleet but in the test phase.

The folding truck is a semi-trailer designed specifically for loading wooden logs, which shrinks the second trailer, folding it on top of the first. The truck’s length shrinks from 19 meters to 15 meters, which brings several benefits, chief among them being the space gained. Compared to traditional vehicles, this truck requires a much smaller maneuvering area, which gives it better driving conditions and grip in sloping areas because of the smaller radius needed for curves, besides freeing up space that could be used for plantations, for example, enabling the company to increase its forestry yield.

When the truck is empty and folded, its smaller size enables quicker and safer overtaking, thus improving driving performance and saving various resources, such as fuel, tolls and tires. Modifications to the truck enabled it to adapt to the specific needs of Klabin’s forestry operations, which are more complex than in other countries, while complying with the parameters established in Brazilian law.

“Klabin has constantly invested in systems and technologies to drive business efficiency and retain its pioneering spirit. The forestry team has innovated once again, demonstrating the company’s excellent internal development capacity ”, said José Totti, Forestry Director at Klabin.

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