Institutional March 16, 2021

Klabin makes fresh donations to Planalto Serrano region in Santa Catarina

Hospital equipment and hygiene items were delivered to hospitals in Lages and Otacílio Costa to help maintain beds earmarked for COVID-19 treatment

Santa Catarina, March 9, 2021 – In response to the critical scenario faced by the Planalto Serrano region in the state of Santa Catarina, Klabin recently sent new donations to help the region combat COVID-19.

A total of approximately R$2 million was donated to acquire hospital equipment such as ventilators, monitors, infusion pumps, as well as hundreds of PPE and hygiene equipment items. The donations were sent to the Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres Hospital and the Tereza Ramos Maternity Hospital, both in Lages, to set up new ICU beds for treating COVID in the city, and the Santa Clara Hospital in Otacílio Costa, for the maintenance of 14 infirmary beds (backup beds to serve the region and the state of Santa Catarina).

“Klabin has been a valuable partner ever since the pandemic broke out. We recognize the company’s importance in the region and are grateful for its contribution, especially concerning the healthcare demands during this atypical moment that we are going through,” said Claiton Camargo de Souza, Coordinator of the COVID-19 Health Emergency Operations Center (COES) for the Serra Catarinense region.

Klabin has so far donated more than R$4.6 million to Santa Catarina, which have been used to acquire hospital equipment, as well as thousands of hygiene, health and PPE items and hand sanitizers. It has also donated corrugated board packaging and paper bags used to transport food and hygiene kits. Since the onset of the pandemic, the Company has made several donations and supported initiatives to help the country fight it. The resources have been allocated to diverse health and social welfare initiatives, especially in the regions where the company operates.

Equipment being delivered to the Santa Clara Hospital in Otacílio Costa.


Equipment donated today to the Tereza Ramos Maternity Hospital in Lages.

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