May 08, 2020

Klabin makes fresh donations in Otacílio Costa to fight coronavirus

Otacílio Costa, May 8, 2020 – To support the fight against COVID-19, Klabin has allocated a number of resources to ensure health and welfare, especially in the regions where it operates.

This week, the company donated hospital protection kits to the Santa Clara Hospital in Otacílio Costa, Santa Catarina. In all, more than 60,000 items were donated, including procedure gloves, masks, disposable caps and aprons, in addition to safety goggles and hand sanitizers. Last month, 100 basic food baskets packed in the company’s corrugated board packaging and 200 hand sanitizer bottles had already been delivered for local distribution.

During the week, Klabin also delivered 1,000 disposable masks to the Development Department of Otacílio Costa, which will be distributed to health professionals.

In Santa Catarina alone, Klabin has already spent more than R$700,000 on initiatives to contain the advance of the pandemic. Among the items donated are health, hygiene and individual protection items, corrugated board packaging and paper bags, basic food baskets, and grants to purchase hospital equipment.

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