March 16, 2021

Klabin launches Sackraft packaging with sustainable resin barrier

EcoLayer, the solution developed by the Company, is targeted at construction, fertilizers and seeds industries

São Paulo, February 16, 2021 – Klabin, Brazil’s largest producer and exporter of packaging paper, has launched a sackraft packaging solution lined with a sustainable resin barrier, which eliminates the use of plastic film in its composition. The product, developed by the Technology Center in partnership with the Commercial and Product Development areas, will initially be targeted at the construction, fertilizers and seeds industries.

EcoLayer is an improvement over the packaging previously supplied by the company due to its better performance. The efficiency of the new barrier blocks humidity from seeping through, thus extending the shelf life of the packaged product, besides preserving its characteristics and quality. It is also a resilient and recyclable solution that significantly reduces waste generation and contributes to the circular economy.

“We strive to have increasingly efficient products that actively contribute to the sustainable development of the entire chain and which also take special care of our clients’ products. Our team continues to work relentlessly and diligently towards these goals and challenges that our clients bring us,” said Paulo Kulaif, general manager of Industrial Bags at Klabin.

The new packaging is produced at the Correia Pinto Unit in Santa Catarina and then converted at the three Industrial Bags units: Lages, also in Santa Catarina, Goiania in Pernambuco, and Pilar in Argentina. Like all Klabin products, EcoLayer underlines the company’s commitment to environmental conservation. The EcoLayer packaging is yet another innovation linked to Klabin’s Sustainable Development Goals (KODS) – launched in 2020. These short-, medium- and long-term goals focus on environmental, social and governance needs that are essential for the company and for the urgent global issues facing society and the planet.



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