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Klabin launches portal to celebrate Arbor Day

Klabin launches portal to celebrate Arbor Day

São Paulo, September 21, 2018 – Klabin, Brazil’s leading producer and exporter of packaging paper and the country’s only company to offer a one-stop shop solution for hardwood, softwood and fluff pulp, has launched an exclusive portal to commemorate Arbor Day, which is celebrated on September 21. The company used the date to launch ÁrvoreSer, a website that discusses the importance of trees to keep the planet in equilibrium. The platform brings together information on the subject, a map with the trees that are part of Brazil’s flora, and a fun quiz called “Who are you in this forest?”, which links the characteristics of the human personality to trees, showing how each species is unique.

Klabin currently maintains more than 210,000 hectares of preserved forests, with thousands of native species of the Brazilian flora. The company has several initiatives and projects targeted at sustainability and the environment. In terms of preserved areas, the company maintains, in Paraná and Santa Catarina, two Natural Heritage Private Reserves (RPPN). These are permanent conservation units, created with the goal of contributing to the preservation of native forests and for maintaining biodiversity. “We launched this site as a wakeup call to the population in order inform and engage the public, in a fun and playful manner, on the importance of the subject,” said Carime Kanbour, manager of Communications, Social Responsibility and Institutional Relations at Klabin.

Employees and family members

To encourage discussion among internal stakeholders and their families, in addition to the portal, Klabin sent to the children of its employees an educational booklet with fun facts about certain tree species, as well as activities such as word hunt, crosswords, and spot the differences, among others, inviting them to think about the importance of preserving forests.

The portal and quiz can be accessed at

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