Institutional March 16, 2021

Klabin launches new paperboard with sustainable barrier

The product, which leaves the production line already with the barrier applied, represents an important advance achieved by the company’s R&D team

São Paulo, March 8, 2021 – Guided by its commitment to develop more sustainable solutions, Klabin, Brazil’s largest producer and exporter of paper for packaging solutions, is launching a paperboard with a sustainable barrier applied, the new Klafold GB® – Grease Barrier.

The solution features a water-based dispersion coating applied to the paperboard with grease barrier functions for food packaging applications. The main focus of the innovation, which was developed by the research team at Klabin’s Technology Center in partnership with the Product Development team, is the production of more sustainable packaging that eliminates the need for additional packaging or the application of additional coatings to the paperboard, while facilitating fiber recovery in recycling processes.

“One of Klabin’s main research fronts is barriers, which are required in food contact applications for a variety of products to ensure proper storage and transportation. The development represents an importance advance that is directly aligned with our goal of meeting clients’ needs and offering options that help build a more renewable future,” said Flávio Deganutti, Paper Business director.

KlaFold GB® is made from virgin fibers and holds all certifications required for food contact applications. The solution, which already leaves the Monte Alegre Unit in Paraná state with the barrier applied, is beginning to be adopted across Brazil, but already is being used in packaging solutions in countries such as New Zealand, South Africa and Mexico. The product, which is recyclable, is aligned with the commitments and targets for preserving the environment established in Klabin’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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