November 05, 2020

Klabin launches innovative packaging for pet food

In 10.1-kg and 15-kg capacities, the new box made exclusively for Tibii facilitates handling and storage of the product

Paraná, November 5, 2020 – Klabin, Brazil’s largest producer and exporter of paper for packaging and the country’s leading manufacturer of corrugated board packaging and industrial bags, alert to the market’s needs and dedicated to meeting its clients’ needs, has developed yet another packaging solution for the pet universe. The corrugated board packaging was created exclusively for Tibii, a pet food maker, and is available in 10.1-kg and 15-kg versions, with its layout designed to facilitate handling and storage. The packaging also features an attached measuring cup for dosing portions.

As with all the other products developed by Klabin, the new packaging is recyclable and made from renewable raw materials extracted from planted and certified forests, and represents yet another alternative from the Company for consumers seeking sustainable products. All these factors complement Tibii’s purpose, which prioritizes efficiency in relationships and sustainability throughout the production cycle.

 “The new product is the result of Klabin’s efforts in innovation to offer more solutions that serve our clients’ needs, bring greater convenience for people’s lives and, most importantly, respect the environment. Pet food demands special care, and we believe that we have found a very satisfactory solution with this project developed jointly with Tibii”, said Gabriella Michelucci, Klabin’s director of Corrugated Board Packaging.

 “We believe that investing in greater quality of life for our pets means starting by changing habits and helping the planet. We need to invest more and more in nutritional quality associated with social and environmental responsibility,” said Mario Cleto Giugni, director at Tibii.


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