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Klabin launches campaign “It’s In Our Nature”

The action highlights the company’s sustainable practices and its employees’ engagement in caring for the environment

São Paulo, April 7, 2017 – Klabin, Brazil’s largest paper producer and exporter and the leading producer of paper and paperboard for packaging, corrugated board packaging and industrial bags, is launching the campaign “It’s In Our Nature,” which features corporate messages showing the company’s alignment with the global agenda of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Created by the advertising agencies MotivareandVbrand of the In Press Porter Novelli Group, the campaign kicks off with the launch of a manifesto video that shows Klabin’s genuine concern for sustainability and highlights the environmental preservation and care initiatives carried out by the company and its employees.The video makes reference to the life cycle in which the company exists and the care it takes to protect natural resources, the environment, local communities and the sustainability of its business.Klabin drew inspiration from the stories of its own employees and presents in the video the sustainable attitudes of Edilson de Oliveira (from the Monte AlegreUnit in Paraná), Leonardo Mantovani (from the head office in São Paulo) andMarinez Romanhuck (from the Correia Pinto Unit in Santa Catarina).

In addition to the video, the campaign also features pieces that will be used throughout the year in the company’s corporate actions, projects and programs.For National Climate Change Awareness Day, World Forest Day and World Water Day, for example, the “It’s In Our Nature” campaign distributed infographics with key information on the company’s attitude and relations on each of these topics, while also reinforcing their alignment with the SDGs.

“It’s in our nature to care for people and the resources around us.Having employees who are genuinely engaged with sustainable development is an inspiration and shows that company’s essence is appreciated and a part of their culture,” said Sergio Piza, Chief People & Management Officer at Klabin.The campaign is being used in all of the company’s communications and, besides the corporate website, is highlighted on Klabin’s intranet, digital TV, marketing e-mails, posters at units and social networks:LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

Go to the United Nation website to learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals:

It’s In Our Nature:



Creation and Execution:MotivareandVbrand

Creative Director:Thum Thompson

Production Manager:Vava Zamboni

Production Coordinator:Renata Borges

Director of Photography:Claus Stellfeld

Post-production:Diego Cardoso

Script:Manuela PinaudandMarina Meira

Approval:Carime Kanbour, Luana Fleury, Diego Marques, Laura CapanemaandAline Tozaki

Locations:NGO Cidades Sem FomeandAlémdaRua Atelier

Creative Director:Peco Porto

Copy:Evelyn Mancini

Art Director:Renato Simionato

Customer Service:Paula Cabral

Approval:Carime Kanbour, Luana Fleury, Diego Marques, Laura Capanema and Aline Tozaki

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