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Klabin invests more than R$20 million on improvements to the highway and bridge in the region of Reserva, Paraná

Renovation work on the 100-km stretch of the Botocudos Highway will also benefit the cities of Cândido de Abreu, Imbaú, Rio Branco do Ivaí and Rosário do Ivaí

Paraná, August 10, 2018 – The rural highway Botocudos in the city of Reserva, Paraná, received infrastructure improvements of around R$ 22 million through investments made by Klabin. The inauguration ceremony was held on August 10, in which company executives, mayors and local authorities from the region participated. The renovation work will also benefit the cities of Cândido de Abreu, Imbaú, Rio Branco do Ivaí and Rosário do Ivaí

The project involved asphalt pavement of 6 km, construction of a 100-meter bridge over the Peixe River, and widening and renovating the highway throughout its 100-km stretch. The works, which began in 2014, have made the highway safer for drivers, while reducing cargo transport time. Rodrigo Costa, a Klabin driver in the region, said that the improvement has reduced his transit time by nearly 60 minutes. “With the bridge and the new road, besides the reduction in transit time, we are now more confident about transporting cargo,” he highlighted.

Practicing social responsibility in the communities where it operates is part of Klabin’s Sustainability Policy. “Investments in infrastructure improvement promote regional development, which is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG),” said José Totti, Forestry Director at Klabin.

In practice, this means greater safety and comfort for the local population. For instance, earlier, during heavy rains, water from the Peixe River would cover the bridge, leaving residents and drivers marooned. “I used to be scared of my husband falling into the water, but now things have improved a lot,” said Neiva Farias de Campos, a resident of Botocudos.

The road delivery ceremony was held at the City Council of Reserva, with the presence of the mayor of Reserva, Frederico Hornung (a.k.a. Neto), the Speaker of the Council, Aleixo Lopata, the mayor of Rio Branco do Ivaí, Gerôncio Rosa and the mayor of Rosário do Ivaí, Hilton Kuroda, and other city council members.

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