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Klabin holds event on innovation and bioeconomy

INOVA Klabin will feature lectures, immersive experiences and an exhibition on sustainability targeted at diverse audience segments

São Paulo, September 10, 2018 – With the motto “Innovation with a Purpose,” Klabin, Brazil’s leading producer and exporter of packaging paper and the only company in the country to offer a one-stop shop solution for hardwood, softwood and fluff pulp, will hold the second edition of INOVA Klabin on September 12 and 13 at the Oca do Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo.

The event schedule includes four lectures by specialists in innovation as well as immersive activities and experiences. Participants include leaders in the pulp and paper market, employees, clients, suppliers and partners of the company, who will be invited to reflect on issues related to innovation, bioeconomy and environmental awareness. An exhibition of sculptures and photographs on sustainability will be open to the public.


The activities will be organized in four pillars: Forest Technology and Fibers, Operational Excellence, Co-created Design and Sustainable Management. “Klabin will complete 120 years in 2019. It believes that the excellence of its business is directly related to its constant investments in innovation and sustainable practices. INOVA Klabin is a space for us to showcase our initiatives and discuss important topics with society,” said Francisco Razzolini, Industrial Technology, Innovation, Sustainability and Pulp Business Officer at Klabin.

In the Forest Technology and Fibers pillar, participants will be transported to nature through simulators and virtual reality; Operational Excellence will be learned in practice, in a workshop on robotics and the use of augmented reality; in Co-created Design, participants will be engaged in packaging prototyping challenges; and, finally, in Sustainable Management, they will participate in a workshop that will discuss the company’s Agenda of Sustainable Development Goals until 2030.


As one of the event highlights, INOVA Klabin presents four lectures on topics related to innovation, featuring renowned specialists from Brazil and abroad. On September 12, Roger Ingold, chairman of Lide Inovação, will talk about the digital revolution and its impacts on the daily activities of companies, and Romeo Busarello, from Tecnisa, will talk about digital transformations and how to adapt to the new scenarios.

On September 13, José Ribas Fernandes, a specialist in neuroscience at the Canadian consulting firm BEworks, will speak about the benefits of applying behavioral science in organizations. The event will end with a master class by Oded Shoseyov, co-founder of the Israeli startup company Melodea and a specialist in plant molecular biology and protein engineering, who will speak about the “materials of the future” produced from natural fibers derived from forests and plants, and their possible applications.


INOVA Klabin will also hold the exhibition “Bioeconomy and Biodiversity – The awakening of awareness,” open to the public on both days of the event. Spread on an area of more than 1,000 m², the exhibition will recreate a forest environment with native trees, artwork by the artist Tico Volpato and photographers Zig Koch and Paulo Giandalia.

Tico Volpato brings around 20 sculptures of animals made of paper, in real size, representing some of the species found in the company’s forests. The Curitiba-based photographer Zig Koch will showcase various photographs of Klabin’s Ecological Park located in Telêmaco Borba, Paraná, where endangered animals that cannot be returned to nature are treated and sheltered, and of the Natural Heritage Private Reserves (RPPN) maintained by the company in the states of Santa Catarina and Paraná and intended for scientific research, management of natural resources and maintenance of climate and ecological balance.

The work of paper collectors in São Paulo, captured during 10 years by photographer Paulo Giandalia, will be on display as well. The photographs show the social ascension of these professionals through their work. The main purpose of the exhibition is to warn about the importance of environmental conservation, conscious consumption and recycling for the wellbeing of the planet, and also to promote reflection on the social and environmental impacts caused by the current economy. Participation in the event is free.


INOVA Klabin will be 100% carbon neutral through Environmental Compensation, thanks to the acquisition of carbon credits originated from the forest preservation project, certified by the Neutral Event Program.

Packaging and scenery materials will be segregated and sent for recycling. This process will rely on the support from a cooperative of recycling-material collectors, which will oversee the entire process and weigh these materials. Moreover, all recyclable materials and waste generated in the event will be collected, which will ensure that the event receives the seal of the “I am Zero Waste” program.


The concept of innovation at Klabin became stronger in 2016, with the creation of the INOVA Klabin program and the inauguration of Klabin’s Technology Center in Paraná. The company’s initiatives on this front have enabled the exchange of knowledge with universities, startups and stakeholders that connect with Klabin’s purposes and challenges for small and major transformations in all fronts of the company’s operations.

“The first edition of INOVA Klabin, held in 2017, was a tremendous success among our clients, suppliers and employees. This year, in the second edition, we have broadened the scope of debates and invited this public to effectively experience innovation from various perspectives. We expect to promote a relevant reflection about our market and for the public opinion, in order to contribute with actions and practices related to sustainable development,” highlighted Francisco Razzolini.

Throughout 2018, various initiatives and projects were implemented based on the innovation pillars, such as Klabin Challenges, targeted at startups in order to drive entrepreneurship and foster sustainable solutions; Klabin+U, which offers solutions in partnership with Brazilian and international universities; and Pitch Days, such as the one involving the legal segment, which consists of a meeting with companies from the legal sector to identify innovative solutions that may be adopted by Klabin’s legal department.

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Exhibition: Bioeconomy and Biodiversity – The awakening of awareness

Venue: Oca, Ibirapuera Park – Avenida Pedro Álvares Cabral – Vila Mariana – São Paulo (SP).

Date and time: September 12 and 13, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Entry free.

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