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Klabin expands services to e-commerce clients and strengthens interaction with B2C market

The company’s corrugated board packaging protects products bought online and enables more efficient transportation

São Paulo, October 8, 2018 – Klabin, Brazil’s leading producer and exporter of packaging paper, the national leader in corrugated boardpackaging and industrial bags and the country’s only company to offer solutions in hardwood, softwood and fluff pulp, has expanded its operations in the e-commerce segment, effectively marking its entry into the B2C (business-to-consumer) market and strengthening its relations with end consumers. The move draws on its origins and business lines and on its solutions in renewable and recyclable paper packaging to ensure the company’s goal of delivering not only products, but also a positive experience and customization, guided by consumers’ growing interest in more sustainable alternatives.

The company, whose market strategy envisions major opportunities in e-commerce, has been investing for years in its strong growth capacity. One example is the company’s partnership with major Brazilian companies in the consumer goods and food sectors, among others, which also sell their products over the internet (e-commerce) using the company’s paper packaging. According to the report from Webshoppers published this year, Brazil’s e-commerce market will continue to present accelerated nominal growth of 12% in 2018, with estimated sales of R$53.5 billion. It also projects that over 60 million consumers will shop online in the period.

Recently, Klabin established a partnership with Mercado Livre, Latin America’s largest online commerce community, with 8 million sellers and 28 million buyers. Klabin became the exclusive supplier of paper packaging to Mercado Livre, with corrugated boxes customized for the platform that can be acquired by any user at “Mercado Envios,” Mercado Livre’s official packaging sale store, which ships some 4 million products per month. The partnership with Mercado Livre started on Black Friday in 2017, when Klabin provided around 100,000 corrugated board packaging units. In recent months, supply reached an average of 300,000 packaging units per month, with four different models (XS, S, M and L). The outlook for next year is that this business will grow to the mark of 1 million boxes per month.

The initiative with Mercado Livre directly activates Klabin’s presence in the B2C market and strengthens the company’s goal of building the bioeconomy, which prioritizes sustainable development balanced among the economic, social and environmental dimensions, with this transformation in the packaging industry driven by paper. The business is a great opportunity for the company to expand its dialogue with end users guided by global trends in conscientious consumption, since its packaging is biodegradable and made from renewable natural resources, with raw materials derived from duly certified planted forests.

Integrated with these consumer trends and e-commerce challenges, Klabin has worked on developing more paper packaging models that are even more customized, safe, efficient and ecologically correct. As part of this effort, the company plans to incorporate into its boxes portfolio different opening and closing systems and packaging with multiple heights adjustable to the size or number of products, as well as other solutions that rationalize processes in the logistics and storage chain.

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