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Klabin environmental program preserving the wildlife and plants of Santa Catarina

During 14 years of studies, the program has identified more than 350 regional wildlife species in over 11,000 hectares monitored by the company

Santa Catarina, February 7, 2017 – Klabin, Brazil’s largest paper producer and exporter and the leader of the packaging, corrugated board and industrial bags segments, has sponsored wildlife environmental monitoring programs for 14 years in Santa Catarina, during which period it has successfully identified 358 regional wildlife species.

Created to produce information on wildlife found in Klabin’s forests in the state of Santa Catarina, the project is conducted within the company’s High Conservation Value Areas in the state. The company monitors more than 11,000 hectares across 12 farms located in the cities of Otacílio Costa, Capão Alto, Painel, Rio Rufino, Bocaina do Sul, Urupema, Urubici, Santa Cecília, Ponte Alta do Norte, Curitibanos, Bom Retiro, Petrolândia, Agrolândia and Chapadão do Lajeado.

It also helps preserve the mammalian fauna and bird wildlife, respectively the group of mammals and birds inhabiting the region. Information on the presence of species – gathered during monitoring activities, through camera traps, visual and audio recordings – help protect these animals. Understanding the biodiversity led to the creation of methods and assessments of the quality, recovery and maintenance of the environment, enabling the company to uphold the best sustainability standards in these areas. Over all these years of studies, the program successfully identified 42 species of mammals, 39 of which considered endangered, and 298 birds, of which 278 are considered endangered species.

In addition to helping in forest and operating activities, the project is an important reference for information, since the activity increases the perception and knowledge of various subjects, such as fire control, prevention of hunting, recovery of areas and promotion of educational campaigns on preserving the environment.

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