July 09, 2020

Klabin donates four tons of hand sanitizer produced from pulp

Novel product developed by the Company's Research and Development area will be used to combat COVID-19

São Paulo, July 9, 2020 – Researchers at Klabin’s Technology Center, in partnership with the Instituto SENAI de Inovação em Biossintéticos e Fibras and cosmetics manufacturer Apoteka, developed in April a novel formulation of hand sanitizer produced from microfibrillated cellulose (MFC). The thickener, extracted from wood, replaces carbopol, an input derived from fossils not produced in Brazil.

The initial lot of 60 kilograms was tested and technical reports confirm that its action is equal to that of traditional hand sanitizer, which is important in combating COVID-19. Now, four tons of the product will be distributed exclusively to more than 24,000 health professionals in the regions where Klabin operates.

“Ever since the pandemic broke out, Klabin has been implementing diverse actions to assist society in combating the coronavirus. Being able to offer health professionals a highly effective product derived from our forests fills us with pride and underscores the importance of research carried out by the company”, says Silvana Meister Sommer, Industrial Research and Development Manager at Klabin.

The microfibrillated cellulose used to produce hand sanitizer is produced at the Company’s recently inaugurated Parque de Plantas Piloto in Telêmaco Borba, Paraná.  The specific MFC used for this purpose is a type of nanocellulose that is more homogeneous, whose properties ensure that the skin remains hydrated, preventing the dryness caused by continuous use of the product.

Sustainable packaging

To store the hand sanitizer, Klabin partnered with Gualapack, the global leader in stand-up pouches, to produce exclusive packaging made from the kraft paper produced by the Company. By applying lamination as a barrier, the model offers adequate protection for product storage and transportation, besides making it even more sustainable.

Klabin’s papers are sustainable, produced from renewable raw material extracted from planted and certified forests.


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