April 01, 2021

Klabin donates five ventilators and infusion pumps to the City of Piracicaba (SP)

With the pandemic worsening in the city, the Company donated the equivalent of R$ 433 thousand in health equipment to help fight COVID-19

São Paulo, April 1, 2021 –  Klabin, Brazil’s largest producer and exporter of packaging paper, continues to support society in combating the coronavirus pandemic, especially in the regions where it operates. Last week, the Company donated five ventilators and 20 infusion pumps (used to deliver nutrients and medicines into the bodies of patients) to the Piracicaba Municipal Government. The equipment will be delivered to the Piracicamirim UPA, a reference center in treating COVID-19 patients in the region’s municipal health network.

The company has an industrial unit in Piracicaba and, since the onset of the pandemic, has already delivered approximately 4,600 thousand pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) to the city’s Regional Hospital and Irmandade Santa Casa da Misericórdia, as well as 10,000 aprons to the Piracicaba Sugarcane Suppliers Hospital. The Company also donated about 400 bottles of hand sanitizer and 490 corrugated board packaging for collecting food and transporting materials, and 100 basic food baskets to the Base de Aviação de Piracicaba campaign, which supports needy families.

Klabin has so far donated more than R$ 2.5 million to the state of São Paulo. The Company remains engaged in combating the pandemic, valuing care for people and underlining its citizenship attitude.



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