Institutional November 14, 2018

Klabin discloses Public Summary of Paraná state

Summary presents indices of sustainable development and forest management adopted by the company for preservation of local flora and fauna

Paraná, November 14 – Klabin has published on its website the 2018 Public Summary of its Forestry Management Planfor Paraná state. The document compiles the company’s social, environmental and sustainability policies, as well as the technical and economic indicators of its forest operation.

Klabin is a pioneer in adopting mosaic-based stewardship, which consists of planted forests interspersed with preserved native forests, forming ecological corridors that allow native wildlife to roam their natural habitat while contributing directly to protecting the soil, water and biodiversity. The forest area spans 342,000 hectares, 142,000 of which are native forests. The operational and sustainable management indicators in the document can also be compared with those of the last three years.

In this year’s report, Klabin recognized the Ribeirão Três Bocas watershed as a High Conservation Value Area (AAVC), which will contribute to the periodic monitoring of indicators, enabling the implementation of protection measures appropriate for the area. Located in the city of Jaguariaíva, the watershed supplies water to a few neighborhoods in the city.

The document also contains data on social and educational projects launched by the company.

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