Institutional April 28, 2021

Klabin develops pioneering technology for automatic cleaning of trucks

Innovation from the Forestry Unit in Paraná makes the cleaning process more efficient and safer for truck drivers

Paraná, April 28, 2021 – Klabin has innovated once again by starting to automatically clean the bodies of wood transportation trucks. Called “bark blower”, the new equipment at the Forestry Unit in Paraná is operating at the wood yards of the Puma Unit and received investments of almost R$2 million for its manufacture. It functions with two electric motors, which are activated by sensors that detect the arrival of trucks. This innovation increases driver safety as it avoids the need to climb on the body and reduces the cleaning time of truck bodies by up to 70%.

What is so far being done manually by the drivers will now be done by this equipment, which offers greater security. Drivers always had to stop the truck, get out of the cab and climb on the body with a broom to remove the wood remains. With this equipment, which remains stationed at a certain location in the yard, drivers passes through it slowly to clean the truck. The motors are automatically activated by the sensor, which speeds up the process and improves driver safety as it avoids the need for drivers to climb onto the body for manual cleaning, thereby avoiding the risk of falls, venomous animals and other types of exposure.

The technology was developed by Klabin in partnership with Aeroville, a company in Joinville, Santa Catarina, and was inspired by a train wagon cleaning system in Finland. “During a visit to the country, we came across this technology of a snow blower attached to the front of trains and we understood that we could adopt something similar in our operations. After a lot of research, time and investments, we designed a tool that significantly facilitates the work of our employees, besides offering greater security and speed”, says Darlon Souza, Forestry General Manager at Klabin in Paraná.



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