March 16, 2021

Klabin delivers 5,000 coronavirus tests to Paraná and relocates more healthcare professionals

Keenly aware of the pandemic’s developments in the state, Klabin mobilized new resources to support the Campos Gerais region

Paraná, March 16, 2020 – On Thursday (3/11), Klabin donated 5,000 coronavirus tests to the state of Paraná through the Inter-Sector Committee to Combat Covid-19 (COMCOVID). The goal is to support municipalities in the 21st Health Region to accelerate the flow of information on the spread of the virus in the cities and to anticipate containment measures. The 21st Region comprises the municipalities of Curiúva, Imbaú, Ortigueira, Reserva, Telêmaco Borba, Tibagi and Ventania.

During the previous week, Klabin also transferred 11 more healthcare professionals to support the public healthcare system in the region. In all, Klabin has relocated 28 employees who are now fully dedicated to the task force combatting the pandemic in the state.

The initiatives come in addition to the 15 respirators with monitors that Klabin delivered to the state on Saturday (3/6), which are essential to Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and help to expand medical care with specialized beds in all four macro-regions of Paraná state.

To date, Klabin has donated around R$4 million to the state of Paraná in its efforts to combat the pandemic, which were used for building the Telêmaco Borba Campaign Hospital, acquiring hospital equipment, hiring healthcare professionals and buying thousands of hygiene, health and personal protective items, hand sanitizer and more. Klabin has focused on health and welfare initiatives in its local communities and, since the onset of the crisis, has participated in COMCOVID through daily monitoring of the pandemic’s spread and discussing measures to support municipal governments.

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