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Klabin conducts campaign to prevent wild animals from being hit by cars

With the slogan "less speed, more life," actions work to raise awareness among drivers in Paraná.

With the slogan “less speed, more life,” actions work to raise awareness among drivers in Paraná.

Telêmaco Borba, October 6, 2015 – Klabin, Brazil’s largest producer and exporter of packaging paper, began a campaign to prevent wild animals from being hit by cars on highway PR-160.The company installed road signs on the highway to raise awareness among drivers of this issue.

In Brazil, the main cause of death among wild animals is cars.According to the Brazilian Center for Study of Ecology on Highways (CBEE), each year, 475 million animals are run over on Brazilian highways, equal to nearly 15 deaths each second.In the Telêmaco Borba (PR) region, the most affected species are birds in general, the nine-banded armadillo, coati, pampas fox, southern tamandua, black and white tegu and the maned wolf.The Ecological Park maintained by Klabin in the city works to monitor and rescue animals struck on highways.In addition to rehabilitating animals, the Park also conserves biodiversity, preserves species facing extinction and local fauna, while developing scientific studies and supporting environmental education projects.

As part of the campaign, on National Traffic Day (September 25), Klabin conducted a checkpoint on PR-160 in partnership with the Environmental Police and State Highway Patrol to raise awareness among its employees and residents of the region.The checkpoint distributed folders with information on animals that live in the region and are at risk of being hit by cars, in addition to children’s masks with images of vulnerable species and stickers for cars.

About Klabin

Klabin, Brazil’s largest paper producer and exporter, is the leading manufacturer of paper and board for packaging, corrugated board packaging, industrial sacks and timber in logs.Founded in 1899, it has 14 industrial units in Brazil and one in Argentina.Klabin is organized into three business units:Forestry, Paper (paperboard, kraft paper and recycled) and Conversion (corrugated board and industrial sacks).

Klabin’s management is entirely oriented towards sustainable development, and pursues integrated and responsible growth that combines profitability, social development and a commitment to the environment.Klabin has been a component of the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) of the São Paulo Stock Exchange (BM&FBovespa) since 2014.It is also a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and the Brazilian Pact to Eradicate Slave Labor, and seeks suppliers and business partners that follow the same values of ethics, transparency and respect to the principles of sustainability.

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