October 06, 2020

Klabin celebrates Arbor Day with #AllForestsMatter campaign

Company showcases its efforts to preserve forests based on sustainable development

São Paulo, September 21, 2020 – On Arbor Day, Klabin, the global benchmark in sustainability, has launched a campaign to reinforce the importance of environmental preservation, with the motto #AllForestsMatter. A special hotsite describes the preservation efforts made by the Company, which include the plantation of 90 trees per minute on average. It also details the sustainable cycle of products made from paper, besides alerting about the struggle for the preservation of all forests, providing information about the company’s efforts to combat illegal deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

The Company, which is Brazil’s largest packaging paper producer and exporter, currently owns a forest base of 258,000 hectares of planted pine and eucalyptus trees and 240,000 hectares of preserved native forests earmarked for the conservation of biodiversity.

“Klabin is a forest-based industry and hence the commitment to sustainability is a key condition for the success of our business. We are proud to be a part of building a more sustainable future. Our forests are essential not only for Klabin, but for the entire planet,” said Sérgio Piza, Executive Officer – People, Communication & IT.

The campaign also includes a video on the Company’s sustainable management practices, available on both the hotsite and Klabin’s YouTube channel, as well as related content in all social networks.

Arbor Day Filter

In reference to Arbor Day, Klabin has also launched an Instagram filter for users to simulate the growth of a tree in any environment. The species chosen was araucaria, a pine variety found widely in southern Brazil. The filter can be downloaded at the Instagram profile

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