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Klabin campaign to celebrate Arbor Day brings content on Brazilian species

With a hotsite and a sticker album, the company introduces 25 Brazilian trees and shows the best species to plant at home according to individual profile

São Paulo, September 21, 2016 – Klabin, Brazil’s largest paper producer and exporter and the leading manufacturer of corrugated board packaging and industrial bags, is organizing a special action to celebrate Arbor Day, on September 21. A sticker album containing images, information and interesting facts about 25 Brazilian species, 16 of which represent the trees mostly found in the cities where the company has its industrial units, is being distributed to its more than 16,000 employees. To complete the campaign, Klabin has launched a hotsite (, containing the full contents of the album, a quiz and tips to know more about certain species and discover the most adequate to plant and grow at home.

The hotsite features diverse species of trees, including fruit-bearing trees, represented in states or cities from the North to the South of Brazil and abroad, together with their scientific and common names. In Lages, Santa Catarina, for example, one can find the Brazilian walnut (canela-imbuia), whose seed is a walnut and which is one of the longest living species in the forest, with some outliving 500 years. The famous Brazilian pine species (araucárias) of Paraná, found in the cities of Telêmaco Borba and Ortigueira, can grow up to 50 meters and produce the pinhão seed, which is rich in energy reserves and amino acids, much consumed in the typical cuisine of the state. The yellow trumpet bush (ipê-amarelo) that decorates the streets of São Leopoldo in Rio Grande do Sul, the jacarandá-paulista found in Junidiaí and the barbatimão found in Angatuba, both in the state of São Paulo, are among the many other beautiful species.

Committed to sustainable development, Klabin dedicates intense efforts to preserve the biodiversity of its forests, which include the identification of flora and fauna species. One such example is the Natural Heritage Private Reserves (RPPN) maintained by the company in Paraná and Santa Catarina exclusively for scientific research, as well as to protect the environment and water resources, and which play an important role in maintaining biodiversity in the Atlantic Forest. The company is also a global benchmark in mosaic forest management, a system that intermingles planted forests and preserved native woodlands. Klabin preserves 210,000 hectares of native forests, which represent more than 40% of its total forest area, and has 235,000 hectares of forests planted with pine and eucalyptus trees.

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