Packaging November 23, 2018

Klabin, Brazil’s largest producer of industrial bags

Brazilian leader in the segment, in 2017 the company produced 552 million cement bags and 414 million bags in other segments, totaling 966 million bags In 2018, these numbers should be higher

In 2018, Klabin invested around R$50 million to acquire a complete printing and production line for industrial bags for one of its units at Lages in Santa Catarina. The investment has increased the company’s total production capacity in the region by 10% since April 2018.

The Lages unit is the world’s largest producer of industrial bags in a single place. The industrial bags are 100% made from softwood fiber (pine), combining strength, porosity, elasticity and traction – characteristics that are demanded by the market. The products are used in diverse sectors of industry, such as construction, food, chemicals and agribusiness, among others.

“We are focusing our efforts on packages that bring differentials to our clients’ products, making them stand out in the market and increasing their sales, while maintaining their quality, increasing their useful life and ensuring safety, as well as being more efficient in their plants, always with a sophisticated image and print appeal. Our bags, as well as other products offered by Klabin, are recyclable and come from renewable and biodegradable sources,” said Douglas Dalmasi, director of industrial bags at Klabin.

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