Fairs and Events June 17, 2016

Klabin attends inauguration event of the Knowledge Industry Library

The partnership established in 2014 with FIESC, through SESI, and the municipal government of Otacílio Costa, was supported by the company since the beginning of construction

Otacílio Costa, June 17, 2016 – Klabin, Brazil’s largest paper producer and exporter, together with the Municipal Government of Otacílio Costa and SESI/FIESC, inaugurated the Knowledge Industry Library last Wednesday (15) in Otacílio Costa.The project aims to encourage employees of companies in the region, as well as the community, to develop the habit of reading and researching, guaranteeing access to information and knowledge.

The new space has a collection of around 1,500 items, including academic books, literary books in general, books for children and adolescents, newspapers, journals, DVDs, comic books and a multimedia area with nine computers connected to the Internet.The space was designed to make it easier to read and study, with the appropriate technology and working hours to welcome users. The expectation is for 500 items to be leased every month, and the target for the next six months is three thousand.

The inauguration event was attended by the mayor of Otacílio Costa, Luiz Carlos Xavier, the president of FIESC, Glauco José Corte, the vice-president of FIESC Regional Serra Catarinense, Israel José Marcon, the industrial manager of Klabin’s Otacílio Costa and Correio Pinto units, Josué da Silva Vargas, Klabin’s Forest Operations manager, José Valmir Calori, as well as other company representatives, authorities and members of the community.


Otacílio Costa’s Knowledge Industry Library

Rua José Simões, s/n – Poço Rico – Otacílio Costa (SC)

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