May 21, 2020

Klabin allocates more than R$ 700,000 to initiatives aimed at combating COVID-19 in Santa Catarina

Actions are focused on the areas of health and welfare, and prioritize regions where the company operates

Santa Catarina, May 13, 2020: To strengthen the initiatives aimed at combating COVID-19 in Santa Catarina, Klabin, the largest producer and exporter of packaging paper in Brazil, has allocated around R$ 700,000 to entities in the state. The actions are focused on the areas of health and welfare, and prioritize the towns where the Company has industrial units: Otacílio Costa, Correia Pinto, Lages and Itajaí. So far, more than 300,000 hygiene, health and personal protection items and 2,000 bottles of hand sanitizer have been donated to hospitals in the region. In addition, Klabin has delivered about 4,000 corrugated board packaging and paper bags, which will be used to transport food and hygiene kits, and 300 basic staple baskets to social welfare institutions.

Another important initiative was the support given to the Intermunicipal Health Consortium of Lages (SC) to acquire hospital equipment that will be used in the town’s Triage Center. The company believes that the current moment we are going through is extremely delicate and demands united efforts across diverse segments of society, because every effort counts in facing the pandemic.

In all, Klabin has already allocated R$ 10 million to initiatives aimed at combating the coronavirus. Apart from direct donations, the company has struck important alliances to expand the scope of its actions. The Company, together with other major companies, is part of a Brazilian Government consortium to manufacture 6,500 mechanical ventilators, which will significantly increase their supply in the country. Moreover, Klabin has made a financial contribution through the entity “Pimp My Carroça” to guarantee minimum income to over 3,000 waste pickers all over Brazil, whose income fell drastically on account of the pandemic.


Klabin is part of a chain that supplies the population with items considered essential (food, hygiene, cleaning and hospital use). To ensure the safety of its thousands of employees and the maintenance of its operations, the Company rolled out dozens of preventive actions, intensified the hygiene and cleaning protocols at all its units and facilities, set up crisis committees that constantly seek the best practices in combating COVID-19 and launch educational programs for its professionals and families on the importance of prevention and basic precautionary measures. Recently, the company installed ozone tunnels at the entry and exit points of its mills, an effective measure to disinfect external surfaces. The Otacílio Costa (SC) unit, for example, was one of the pioneers in using the new technology. The company’s other operations in the state are in the process of installing the tunnels.

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